Who's talking?
Know Bennie by her mellow yellow.
And, of course, there's Reese and her mango tango. Okay, that was weak. I'll do better.
This public service announcement has been brought to you by ... well, us.



Hey everybody *waves*

Yes, yes...we know. It's been forever. And yes, we have the same old excuse about RL keeping us busy and away from what we'd rather be doing (read: hanging out with y'all and providing regular updates). So this is just a quick 'hello' to let you know that when we have time (read: when Bennie has time since she actually gets this stuff up on the site...I just type it up), we'll be back with TONS of updates.

What kind of updates, you ask? Fic Recs, Challenges and...brace yourself...several new SMALLVILLE fics! Yes, that's right, folks! We've got ourselves a new fandom here at CG!

So hang in there, have faith and we hope to be updating for you soon :)

*Bennie waves ... but alas, does not yet have the time for more ...*


OMG...has it really been over 5 months since our last update? We should be ashamed of ourselves! And believe you me we would be...if we had time to be!

You see Bennie and I have been slaves to higher education for the last few months so we have a really good reason. We do. Really. And we're not undergrads, so it's not what you think. Except maybe for Bennie. I heard she made a small hut from beer bottles. But she has yet to e-mail me the pics so I can't say for sure...

But back to the point...wait, what was the point again? Oh yes, yes. We're sorry we haven't updated in awhile and we hope to do a proper one sometime soon. And you know what would really help with that? An e-mail or two to commongroundfic@hotmail.com to remind us, encourage us, egg us on. Let us know of any great fics you've read lately that we've probably missed. Or harass Bennie for more of her TF&TF fic "Legacy of Honour"...but shh...don't tell her I told you to!**

So we hope you've all had a great summer and we'll see you in line for Roswell S2 on DVD...even though the first one was a bit of a disappointment, don't you think?

**[Edited because Bennie couldn't keep her mouth shut with duct tape and a soldering iron. Plus, she's hoping to distract from any mentions of WIPs. Just in general, you understand. Not that she would EVER ambush Reese's entry with disfiguring font tricks. Ever. No, really. Hey, you tryin' to start somethin'?]

Incidentally, they’re very pretty bottles. It’s like living in a stained glass window. Lol ...

But seriously, if I can add to what Reese said – we’d love an e-mail (or heck, go wild, send two! Use smilies!), but please be clear as to the subject and/or intent of your missive.

Remember: cryptic=confusion=sitting in inbox in a big cloud of uncertainty.

It’s hard enough to keep on top of these things as it is. Why add to the chaos? Although ... if you were evil, I suppose you'd have an excuse and we could admire your determination and moxie and wish you well in your chosen vocation. Not that you’d ever know, of course, because your email would languish unanswered forever. Or perhaps it would just be lost. Oh, it’s so very sad. Sigh.


And ... oh, S2 on DVD. Hmm.


(So ... I lost a bet. Yeah. Just do us all a favour and ignore this totally irrelevant entry. Thanks!)

My LiveJournal is called Bennie's House of Angst and Muses. It's young but it's where I babble incoherently and develop various thought processes and dabble in mediocre HP ficlet idiocy.

I also thought it was relatively anonymous, all things considered.

I ... I was ... (*sniff*) ... I was wrong.

Eek. I hate admitting that. It's just so unnatural ... and I was winning too. It was rigged, I tell ya! I mean, what self-respecting average Canadian On The Street actually believes that the formation of Nunavut was an April Fool's Day joke?! There's always one in the crowd ...

Aw, man. Anyhow, it's done. I admitted it. Publicly, as agreed. (Hey, this counts! No one specified that it had to be a RL announcement! Ha!) Lol ... sigh..



Check it out: Sue took the challenge!! Challenge #8, to be specific. And here it is. Ah, the joy. The beautiful pain. Lol ... seriously, though, Reese and I were just tickled to hear of it. Sue really got a good one going this time.

(Ha. Like that's a surprise. Bloody predictably talented showoff ... I mean, thanks Sue! Keep up the good work!)

And hey -- so everyone knows the Roswell S1 DVDs are out, right? What's the word? Everyone happy? Some of the best music is lost, but no one can tell me it isn't surreal to hear some of the special commentary. And ooh, no commercials. I can never get over how thrilling that is.

If you don't know where to get yours, incidentally, you might try Amazon.com or Circuit City (in the US), Amazon.ca or the Future Shop (in Canada), and I guess blackstar.co.uk (in the UK). These are not endorsements, by the way. Just some likely-looking hits on a Google search. I'm sure you can find it at any other major mail order service or local retail chain. Regardless of where you get them, enjoy! And just think: rumour has it that TPTB are so pleased with the response for S1, they're thinking of releasing S2 and S3 too.

I'm pretty sure that's a good thing ... as long as they don't lose "I Shall Believe", that is.

... ominous silence ...



Busy, busy, busy. We're all busy. Sigh.

But on a whim I went through some old files, and I found two short Pitch Black companion fics that might as well be posted as-is because somehow I doubt I'll ever do anything else with them. Why not, right? Lol ... so, indulging my inner twelve-year-old, I give you Jack's Dance and Jack's Audience, both PG bits of fluff and taking place post-PB. Enjoy. Or if not enjoy, at least repress the urge to castigate me for wasting three minutes of your precious life. Really. I mean, it's not like it'll do any good ...



First of all, Happy Anniversary! Can you believe it's been a year? And what a year it's been, too.

You know, a good friend of mine is overseas right now, missing his family and struggling to reconcile what he sees and what he does with what he believes. I'd like to share with you something that his grandfather, a WWII veteran, told him just a week ago, something his grandmother told him in a letter one cold Christmas in 1943: Light is never more precious than when there is so much darkness in the world.

I'm not sure what that means to me, exactly, but reading those words gives me a funny feeling.

And so we here at CG wish you a sincere Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Mele Kalikimaka, Feliz Navidad, Happy Kwanzaa, Joyeux Noël, Frohe Weihnachten, Boze Narodzenie, Kala Christouyenna, Nollaig Shona Dhuit, Hyvaa Joulua, Nollaig Chridheil, Gun Tso Sun Tan 'Gung Haw Sun, Natale Buon (or whatever other greeting speaks most to you) and above all, a season of joy.

Here's hoping you have a little light in your life, and a reminder to appreciate it every now and then.


So ... still busy. Haven't quite gotten around to putting that List Of Things To Do Here in action. But someone tracked me down recently and made me feel guilty. (Honestly, people, that's just mean. I'm such an easy target. *g*) Anyway, it's a long story and likely not of interest to anyone except myself and my blackmai -- er, friend -- so I'll just say that these Fic Recs are a sort of addendum to that Funny-Fic-Off thing I was blathering on about earlier.

Oh, fine, I'll explain a bit more.

See, I'm a big fan of Hermione Granger of HP fame. I don't hold her up as a paragon of perfection or anything half so ridiculous, but for some reason her character resonates with me, both in canon and in fic, and not just because I sympathise with the hair issues. So when my (ahem) friend suggested that maybe it was just a stance taken out of perversity (considering the dearth of strong female leads in HP), I went off in a huff to prove that I 'ship Hermione around not out of convenience or feminist desperation but because she's got so much to offer that it's a freaking shame to limit her options to just one or three suitors. (Heh. Orgy! Okay, not. But ... heh.) So what I'm offering here, folks, is an oh-so-brief sampling of the lesser known but eminently worthwhile Hermione-centric 'ships out there.

According to my personal tastes, of course. You understand. :D


Hey everyone! We just wanted to touch base to let you know that we haven't deserted the site or anything, just been real busy.

Plus, we wanted to stop by and ask a quick favor. We're trying to gauge what the interest is in the site these days so we'd appreciate if you'd take a quick sec and e-mail us and let us know what you'd like to see more of, what brings you back (or what brought you here the first time) and what fandoms you are still active in. We just want to know in what direction to move the site in the future, once we're settled and back to working on it regularly.

So please, take just a moment and drop us a quick line. We'd really appreciate it :)


Well hello, folks! Yes, as the mango indicates, it's Reese here. Just wanted to let everyone know that my 2,900 mile journey from the East to West Coast went well (that and the fact that I think we should all chip in and buy Bennie a better damn atlas! LOL). I start graduate school at the beginning of October and am *still* trying to get my whole computer access situation worked out (I'm not currently on mine, obviously) but I do hope to work in some fic time and maybe get NRK finished...finally!

In other news, Bennie and I both have some plans for the layout here at CG. It seems she's learned a few new tricks while I've been away so now it's time to play.

First sign that it's getting late and you need to sign off? Unintentional rhyming.

So, on that note, I think it's time for me to wrap this up. Hopefully one of us will be back soon with some *real* updates! LOL


Having realized that I tend to treat "Updates" as some kind of personal blogger, and being as yet unwilling to change my reckless ways in the interests of efficiency, I've relegated pre-merger updates in the hastily constructed Updates Archive because this page was getting too big.

Lol ... it's the little things you learn to enjoy. I'm chuckling right now, and I have no idea why, but hey, why not go with it? Here's hoping y'all enjoy my administrative decision as much as I did.


I was clearing out my bookmarks -- you know it's time when your folders have folders and the contents of both run off the screen -- and I realized that I had enough links gathered for a hefty Metafic update.

So check it out: I've added to the "Legality of Fanfiction," "In the News," and "Miscellaneous/Other" sections, and soon I'll come back and throw in a few "Writers Resources" links too. (I just ran out of time today, is all.)



Holy crap, it's been over a month. Where does the time go? Summer relaxation is something of a dream these days, I guess. It's not all barbeques, road trips and fic-related excesses.

Actually ... that's not quite true. It just so happens that the very day before the blackout, I'd bought a small barbeque for my younger sister (she has custody of our childhood pets, and I was exercising my visitation rights by crashing on her couch for a week), and we ended up spending the next two days judiciously working our way through what was left of her groceries. Thank goodness for coolers and ice, huh? I must say, though, that it was incredibly peaceful to sit out under the stars on what turned out to be a beautiful evening in a mid-sized and remarkably good-natured town. So, back at home and feeling inspired, we invested some time and money into our own backyard, the non-greenery portion of which now comes complete with hammock, full-sized barbeque and an iron and glass table set on the deck, accessorized with umbrella, tastefully matching fabrics, and coordinated, comfortable seating for six adults. And hey -- two of the chairs swivel and rock! And did I mention the torches? We got torches! I'm not entirely certain they do much for insects, but damn, the citronella smells great and they use no electricity and set a fabulous mood when set up around the deck. So long story short -- well, shorter -- the last few weeks have indeed been a string of home improvement and parties. Exhausting stuff. Plus, we're getting into renovation projects now, and anyone who thinks it's easy to contract out window refits for an entire house is lying. Lying, I tell you!

(*Bennie takes a moment to compose herself. Feel free to empathize.*)

As for Reese, she's on a grand adventure of her own, starting school halfway across the country (I think; could be more ... I'm not convinced my desk reference atlas is properly scaled), and between the rather impressive drive and settling in, I think it might be a while before we get some input from her direction. It's too bad, really, because the two of us started the summer with some serious fic-related aspirations.

But, to paraphrase an old Carpenters' song that my neighbour is inexplicably fond of playing with windows open, here we stand with pockets full of good intentions, and none of them will comfort with fic offerings tonight.


Incidentally, if anyone knows a good, easy-to-make recipe for kabobs, drop a line. I want to try out these skewers before they get bent during the mock sword fights.



So I'm chatting with someone, and the question of whether a fandom makes or breaks a fic comes up. (Bear with me for a moment; I know it doesn't make sense. It's entirely possible there were either intoxicants and/or large amounts of sugar involved.) We have a fic-off. (And my, doesn't that sound like it should be a bad word.) The arena? Humourous fics. The goal? Find fics that are so intrinsically funny that the funniness factor supersedes fandom -- where it doesn't matter if you know or care about the characters, because you laugh and chortle regardless.

Needless to say, it doesn't work. Some fandoms just lend themselves to snappy satire better than others. And besides, it's a stupid exercise when you take into account that you're dealing with fic. I mean, the fandom's key, right? But the point of the story is that some of these stories made me realize how incomplete my life was until they came along, and I've decided to share the joy.

They're under Fic Recs. Check 'em out. And hell, let me know if you have any to add to the list!


Fic Rec alert!

Now, the theme this time is slightly different. Instead of picking some links to introduce you to one fandom, I've gathered some links that don't really work that way because they are, by nature and design, gems of multifandomness. Check 'em out and let me know what you think, okay?

Party on.

No, really. Go to it. What are you waiting for?


Fic update! Fic update! (I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. There are portents of such things, you know, for people who know how to look for them. Like, in email or IM. It was a difficult and treacherous road to this knowledge, but I bear my scars with pride. Lol ....)

Anyway, Reese put up a new part to Never Really Knew -- be sure to check it out!


Random Thought of the Day: Ambience is Everything.

I was told that The Ring was a little gory but not really scary. Not scary? Ha. Ha, I say. Watch it by yourself, in a dark house, in the middle of the night, and sitting a little too close to a tv that's just a little too large and has very sharp picture and sound. And make sure you watch the whole tape; don't buy into the myth that just 'cause the credits roll, the movie's over. I didn't. And three guesses who didn't sleep very well last night? Lol ... you know, I'd be tempted to try to find some fic for The Ring, but I'd probably just scare myself silly and never sleep again. Forget that. (Although, if anyone knew of any that was half-decent ... no! I will be strong. Heh.)

Anyway, to follow a much less nerve-wracking train of thought, I'd like you to consider today's quickie fandom intro. Let's see ... so far, we here at Common Ground have (between the two of us) looked at Roswell, X-Men, Due South, Fast and the Furious, and Pitch Black. Does that sound about right? Well, then, I think my Fandom Fic Rec du Jour is going to be another supernatural cop fandom. I'm thinking ... The Sentinel.

Remember TS? Cop with 'sentinel' senses buddies up with an anthropologist Guide to help him manage his gifts? If you don't, try the information site suggested. If you do, I encourage you to head straight for the fic. Now, a large percentage of the quality stuff is going to be slash, which works for me but might not for you. But if it doesn't, rest assured that there is variety out there and hopefully my picks represent as much of it as possible.

Enjoy. It's good stuff.


So the promised updates were a little slow. Sorry about that. But I have an excuse! I got lazy and pouty when my mutant superpowers weren't developing fast enough to be of use.

See? How can you possibly find fault with that?


Seriously though, here's what we have for you today:

Three Vin Diesel Fic Recs -- no, not RPS, the fandoms! Look for some pretty damn high octane picks from Pitch Black, Fast and the Furious, and general fic sites/archives built around the man's characters, a handful of kickass places to get to know your inner fictional Vin and associates. Enjoy. I know we do.

Two ficwriters delirious with joy because the site celebrated its 6th month birthday on Wednesday, and we're just bursting with pride. Go us!

And a partridge in a pear tree. (What? Out of season and completely irrelevant and impossible? Well, then, maybe you should think of it as a red herring instead, and pretend not to know that an actual, real, legitimate, validated, confirmed, and literal fic update might or might not be in the cards this weekend ... oooohhhh ...)


Two X-Men site recs from Reese for you today, and damned good ones they are. Check 'em out.

To round things out, a Challenge from Reese that is just -- well, provocative. In just about every sense of the word I can imagine. In a sort of satisfyingly disconcerting kind of way. This one could be dangerous, lol.

And Sue took the challenge! Read it! Now!

Hee. Anyway, more are in the works. Be sure to check back in soon.


If you have a sense of humour, you really have to check out our latest Roswell Fic Rec. Seriously. It's just so ... and then it ... yeah, exactly!!!

And whether you make it funny or serious, consider turning your writing skills to Reese's latest Challenge, a real crossover gem. I feel greedy already, it's that enticing. Hee.

In general news, since posting that Due South bit I've received a couple comments about how I'm not the only one suddenly thinking about fanfic for older shows (from the nineties). So I wanted to say that I'm going to do something similar for several other fandoms as well, and if you have any particular requests/suggestions feel free to drop a line and see if I'm planning anything for any particular fandom that you might be interested in, okay? It never hurts to try. Plus, you might have something worth trading, lol ... gotta appreciate the ulteriour motive, right?


Incidentally, I'm mostly interested in sci-fi/fantasy, television and movie-based fandoms, although I wouldn't say no to broadening the horizons a little.


And for a little of that multifandom variety I was talking about ... some Fic Recs!

First, Reese has a good rec for Roswell. Ooh, but I've missed this fic and lamented its seeming demise. But no more! (Lol, curious? Then come check it out.)

On a very different front, I'd like to throw something completely new in there. There's a fandom that I can't say I'm all that involved in, but I stumbled over it one day and never regretted it. For one thing, it's copfic and mostly slash, which is just plain fun every now and then, and for another, I could feel the effects of laughing so bloody hard for a long time afterward.

Intrigued? If so, do check out some Due South fic. I've rec'ed a few favourite sites as well as one "information" site if you never watched the show (which would be a damned shame -- it was lots of fun and even told a good story from time to time) but are curious about who the hell RCMP Constable Frasier and Chicago Detectives Kowalski and Vecchio are. Oh, and Diefenbaker. Love that wolf. That's right, I said wolf.

Catch y'all later!


Now where was I? Oh yes.

New Challenges all over the place. I was reading Reese's and it was so delicious and I got to thinking about X2 and the X-lets, and well, here's a variation of my own to add to the list. It's a play off of Reese's, actually, and I think anyone writing hers would probably address this. But then again, they might not. And maybe there's some potential for going in a different direction altogether. You decide. (Lol ... please?)


I'm back, and some updates are underway!

First, a note of self-congratulation: A Call to Arms won Best Sci-Fi Fic at the Venus Rising Fan Fiction Awards. Isn't that cool? Thanks to everyone who voted, and click here to see the banner. I'm honoured, guys. Really.

Ooh, it's Friday 13th ... and I'd stop being superstitious, really I would, except that so far I've seen three people lose and/or lock their keys in their cars, one guy leave a rather sweet-looking Mustang convertible in neutral and it ran down a hill and demolished some bushes and a pristine paint job, and then one person lost both lip stuff and bank card down an elevator shaft. Scary stuff. (Okay, the last one was me, I admit it. Get off my case, it could happen to anyone.)

Lol ...

Seriously though, there are a few updates. First, another X-Men Challenge by Reese! And I should probably take a moment to announce formally that challenges, recommendations, links, and so on are going multifandom from now on. With, perhaps, a slight emphasis on Roswell and X-Men for a while. Hee.

And -- I'll be back soon to continue this train of thought.


I forgot what I was going to say.

Check in tomorrow.


Okay, let's see where we stand right now.

First of all, Reese is posting her first non-Roswell fic to CG! It's X-Men, a short Scott/Rogue friendship piece that made me want to track down ol' One Eye and give him a big hug ... and I'd be really subtle about feeling him up, really I would. Okay, seriously, go check out This One Moment. You won't regret it.

And to keep the theme going, I've posted an X-Men Challenge. It's something I'd dearly love to see. Also, keep an eye out for new Fic Recs soon -- we're going to be integrating non-Roswell picks into the mix, and they're going to span a bunch of fandoms. Maybe you'll see something you like, and maybe you'll have some suggestions! See how it all works out? It's karma, folks. :D

Having said that, I have to apologize for my seeming inattention. I'm getting over a bit of pneumonia now, and I'm about to go travelling about for a bit, so updates will be few and far between for a while. Things'll pick up in June, though. (*grins slyly*) We have plans.

Mwahahahahahaha ...oh, sorry. I thought I'd turned that microphone off.



Check it out -- Challenge #1 has been taken! Come in and see for yourself.


Updated instructions for using the Updates page. (Hee. What? No, I'm not currently abusing prescription medications. Why do you ask?)

Oh, and after receiving some lovely feedback and a couple of suggestions -- thanks, Reese, Len, and Zoe! -- I've tried organizing Metafic a little. Let me know if it works for you.


I've tidied up and added some links to Metafic. (I know, it's about time, lol.) So if you're an aspiring writer -- fanfic or otherwise -- or simply curious about aspects of web publishing or various other loosely related subjects, come on by! And if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear 'em.


New Challenge and a Fic Rec you all need to read!


"OK, folks...so here's something a little new."

Intrigued? You should be! Check out our latest Challenges twist. Plus an absolutely beautiful Fic Rec. Just beautiful.

And more good news -- Both Reese and I were honoured in the Boardello of Fanfiction's S.T.D. Awards. Reese, for Never Really Knew ("Kyle, any Position, any Form"), and myself, for Perspective ("The itsy bitsy fic bit you wish would have continued") and for The Five Day Journey to You ("Zan, any Position, any Form").

Rather sweet, isn't it? I agree. So come on and congratulate us! I'm sure I can speak for Reese as well as myself when I say that, like young Mr. Valenti says, it really is an honour to be nominated. Thanks, everyone.


A very special update today, ladies and gentleman! Let's all take a moment to congratulate CG's own Bennie on completing her Masters of Information Studies degree! Feel free to send your well wishes (and requests for new fics! hehehe) to commongroundfic@hotmail.com!

***raises her glass*** To Bennie! Congrats! And best of luck figuring out what the hell you want to do with it! ROFL :)

***raises own glass in appreciation*** Thanks, Reese!

... I think. Heh.

Anyway, it's true, I am looking forward to re-immersing myself in fic. There's so much to catch up on! Oh, and yeah, direction in life, productive member of society, etc., and all that. Right. Absolutely on the To-Do list. Really. ;) Lol, see y'all on the boards!


And Reese is on a roll! New Challenge and Fic Rec. Go on -- check 'em out!


Check out Reese's new Challenge and then our latest Fic Rec. Enjoy!


Just a quick note to thank Em (aka EmilyluvsRoswell) for the wonderful job she did on some banners, for Before I Sleep and For All. She does great work, doesn't she? Thanks Em!


A couple updates today. First, Reese has updated Never Really Knew again! Read and review; you won't regret it. :D

Also, we have an addition to Fic Recs. Check it out!


A belated update to let you know that my (Reese's) K/L story Never Really Knew has been updated at The Boardello of Fanfiction. Please feel free to swing by and check it out! And, as always, feedback is *greatly* appreciated!

Oh, and I almost forgot (thanks Reese!) that I (Bennie) finally got around to coding and posting Exposure, a short Roswell/Sixth Sense crossover futurefic. Feel free to take a look and please read the Author's Notes, lol; otherwise I start feeling quite guilty. Apparently I've become something of a -- er, never mind. No point in spoiling the, er, surprise. Heh.


Welcome to version 2.0 of Common Ground!

We told you back in December when we first opened that we had plans to improve the appearance of the site, once we had time, and here it is! So what do you think? Please let us know at commongroundfic@hotmail.com. We'd appreciate any and all feedback/suggestions/comments!

We've added some color to the site, designed a "theme" of sorts and we've rearranged certain pages as well. So please take a look around and let us know what you think of the new layout!

More updates coming soon!!!


Site mainenance updates. We're overhauling some aspects of the site, going for a more unified and thematic look, slowly but surely. What do you think? Drop a line. Suggestions and comments welcome!


Sorry about the lack of updates, folks. It's my fault. Between school and family and work and a myriad of other reasons, I've been offline most of the last month.

But rejoice! For we have some offerings this, er, fine February evening. We've got ourselves a new Fic Rec that you really do want to read. No, really. And we've not only got another Challenge by Reese, but we have the joy of announcing that Challenge #2 has been taken! Come in and see for yourself.

Plus, it's our pleasure to announce that Common Ground has logged over 1200 hits since it's inception in late December. Thank you all for your support, and we hope to see you around again soon!


Added a new Challenge. And ... um ... insert witty comment here. Heh.


Updates to Fic Recs -- a classic choice -- and to Metafic.


Updates to Fic Recs and Challenges. Yee haw!

(Um, sorry. Never mind. Just go with it. Heh.)


Update to my Slash Page. Geez, I've been neglecting this ... gonna do something about that soon, promise.


Ahem: I'd like to make an announcement. (Hey you -- yeah, I mean you -- pay attention. Sheesh. Some people.)

Happy Birthday, Reese!

Hey Reese, did you know that you share your birthday with Marianne Faithful, three national pageant winners and at least nine NFL players? Or that on this day (a.k.a. World Ante-Pen-Ultimate Day AND National Chocolate Again Day), the bowling ball was invented?

That's right, the bowling ball is 140 years old. I think I speak for us all when I say: wow.

And of course, who could forget that cool day in 1976 -- it was a Wednesday, I believe -- when Don't Go Breaking My Heart and Disco Lady were eating up the charts and kids throughout America were screaming for the Little Professor Calculator or the Muhammad Ali Action Figure?

(Not, I imagine, the same kids.)

Obviously, it's a good day to celebrate. Enjoy yours! Go bowling. Have some chocolate. Dance and be merry.



First of all, read Reese's Until Next Time (the first new fic posted here!), in which two friends say good bye and yours truly needs kleenex.

Then check out Challenge #3. It's a corker.

And before you leave, why not catch our latest Fic Rec?


Well, it's something of an anticlimax, lol, but I've fixed up some links on the (surprise, surprise) Links page and added a couple in Metafic.

Oh! And I've finally coded and posted The Five Day Journey to You, a Liz/Zan rompfest, Zan POV, rated NC17.


Season's Greetings! And even if you're not celebrating a holiday right now, raise a glass to a new era. Ah, that's good. See, as you might (or might not, it’s no reflection on your powers of observation, I’m sure) have noticed, there've been a few changes around the site.

That’s right: it’s now dedicated to the little bit of heaven that are Krispy Kreme donuts. Okay, it’s not, but they’re really good. You should try them.

Seriously though, I’ve been collaborating with another writer here, Reese. (*Reese steps up, takes a bow, accepts flowers, glides off the stage to the tune of “We Are the Champions”*) It turns out that we have some similar ideas about the hows, whys, and wherefores, of housing fic, and so we've decided to tackle an umbrella project, combining both of our work on one site.

And hey! I had a site all handy and everything! It was like a sign or something.

And it’s not just our fic, oh no. We’ve got fic recs and challenges and…well…I think we’ll update you more on this later ;)

Now, it’s a work in progress, so be warned that you’ll probably see even more changes as it evolves – and frankly, as our web design know-how gets a little more sophisticated. Yeah, it’s kind of basic at the moment, but we’re hoping to change that. You know, warm it up a little.

Feeling helpful or chatty? Take a look around. Take notes. As always, we’re absolutely open to comments, suggestions, fanart offerings, compliments, vows of unending devotion … the usual. We even have our very own e-mail addy that you can reach both of us at, commongroundfic@hotmail.com. Isn't that cute? And handy? And cute?

But first, let me introduce you to my new co-conspirator. You'll know her by the cleverly contrasting mango colour. Reese?

(*She steps up to the podium, taps the microphone and clears her throat*)

Well, hello there!

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Bennie. For what, you ask? Well everything actually. For writing good fic, for supporting me in writing mine, for offering to house my fics when their old home got shut down and (last but not least) for taking it a step further and making this a joint venture. It’s like having my very own site…without ever having to learn a single thing about html or any of that other technical stuff! What can I say? I’m just the idea girl…she’s the one that makes it happen.

OK, so now that the “Boosting of Bennie’s Ego” session is over, let’s move on…shall we? LOL

Like she said, it’s pretty simple at the moment but we plan to make changes/improvements/upgrades as we go. For now, we just wanted to get it out there…see what you thought…see what suggestions you might have, you know? Plus, we’ve been working on this thing for over a month so…well…we just wanted to get it up and going and worry about the details later. Which we will. We promise.

So, take a look around. Let us know what you think. We’ll be back soon with more updates…right Bennie?

Right. Thanks, Reese. (*raises glass, trying not to blush too obviously*) So cheers! And here's hoping for a happy new year. Have a good one, folks.


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