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November 4, 2003

Fandom: Harry Potter
Category: Romancing Hermione
(The Unexpected Pairings)

Hermione/Bill Weasley

Fic: Traps and Treasures
Author: Shadowfey
Set four years after the not-quite-misadventure of Trouble, Bill is faced with a mysterious competitor, various family-related excitements, and an increasing fascination with the many contradictions that are Hermione Granger. I love this story. Oh, and it's all at so you'll have to take a moment to register. No biggie. You are of age, right?

Fic: Jewel of the Nile
Author: Anna
In Roman Holiday Hermione and Draco forged a unique and magical relationship that was a wonderful adventure but also a great coming-of-age story. (There's also a significant and skillfully done Hermione/Snape subplot, an ongoing theme throughout the series.) This is the sequel in which Hermione heads off to Egypt and becomes increasingly entangled with a certain redheaded neighbour while solving a dangerous mystery. Um ... FYI, if you love this one as much as I did, bring kleenex when you read the next in the series, Last Tango in Paris. A must-read, but damn, what an emotional roller coaster.

Hermione/Charlie Weasley
You know ... I'm still trying to find one ... but I remain firm in my determination to do so, and until then, I'd like to point out that the Hr/C friendship in the almost-but-not-quite Hermione/Snape WIP Desperate Measures has some potential. Heh.

Hermione/Percy Weasley
Fic: De Novo
Author: Sqeakyclean
There are actually a fair number of light and fluffy P/H (now that's balance! ... Get it? Ph balance ... oh, never mind) stories out there, like Strega Brava's The Error of My Ways or Jen's I Don't Ask For Perfection. For a switch, and because Hermione's last words to Percy in this one absolutely haunt me, I chose a piece that looks at some of the darker sides of love and human attachment. Fair warning: there is slash as well as some mature themes in here, including adultery and incest, but they aren't gratuitous. (If Hermione's last words haunted me, Ginny's saddened me but also gave me hope.)

Hermione/George Weasley
Fic: A Night in Paris
Author: PurebloodGryffindor
It's fluff. It really is. The only angst is romantic angst, and it's between two highly successful and good looking young adults with supportive families and only Hermione's stubborn sense of independence to keep them apart. Still, I confess to a certain fondness for this story, even if it is a WIP. It's a cozy read on a rainy afternoon, you understand -- like an old Hepburn movie. (Well, you'd watch the movie, not read it, but you know what I mean.) And it's sexy, which is why you find it at too, which apparently I've grown rather attached to. Huh. Between and Fiction Alley, no wonder my HP fixes are so easy to come by ...

Hermione/Fred Weasley
Fic: Red Herring
Author: Laura Smith
Ron's being a prat and it's painfully obvious to everyone that he's infatuated with Hermione. (It's the taunting and the insults and the temper tantrums, you see.) Fred decides to provoke him into finally acting like it, and asks her out himself. The thing is, Fred and Hermione end up falling pretty hard for each other too and the two relationships tangle up. Bad things and sometimes lovely things come of this.
Incidentally, the ending's brutal. Hit me pretty hard. Made me want to track down the author, shake her hand and gush over her talent ... and then strangle her with a Gryffindor tie.
Lol, um ... yeah.

Hermione/Ginny Weasley
Fic: A Little Dream of Me
Author: auburn_crimson
Oh, it's sweet. Hr/G is usually angsty!sexy, and I decided to go against grain and go a tad fluffy!sexy. Plus, Remus and Sirius are lovely and the author has serious talent. A wonderful read.

Hermione/Sirius Black
Fic: Doors of Perception
Author: Aleathiel
Sirius is a wizard exile living an isolated but mostly serene existence in Wales. Still tortured by the past, he finds solace in his relationship with his godson and, eventually, his godson's best friend. It's a good story, Aleathiel makes the Welsh countryside wistfully inviting, and the slightly convenient plot twists are handed deftly enough. Nicely done.

Hermione/Remus Lupin
Fic: Anchors
Author: Al
There are more involved stories out there -- and in fact, despite my ambivalence about what gets revealed in his Boxmora, AnotherDreamer's A Time Before Tears is one of my favourite Hr/Re fics to rec. (Ye gods, I'm a masochist. Who knew? Lol ...) But this one is classic in its intensity, its bittersweet fervency, and its simplicity. Read it.

Hermione/Oliver Wood
Okay, I don't actually have one prepared. But there's a good rec-worthy one out there, I know there is! Oliver's such a hottie, and Hermione, well, is Hermione! Think about it, people.
Lol ... I do have vague memories of some good starts, and will remain vigilant. Have faith.

Hermione/Lucius Malfoy
Fic: Lucius's Bookshelves
Author: Lizsky
Not the most plausible relationship, no. Not unless you're going into seriously traumatic territory. But this tale is engaging and sexy enough to make you want to believe. Features a grown up and slightly disillusioned Hermione, a Lucius with a new perspective on what he wants out of life (but not apologetic; hell no -- this man's pragmatic, is what he is), and some interesting interaction with ChildhoodIssues!Draco and his better half, Harry Potter.

Hermione/Pansy Parkinson
Fic: Scarred
Author: Random Slytherin1
Understandably, the best and most in-character Hr/Pa stories are seriously angsty and almost never have happy endings. This one isn't exactly fluffy -- it's more of a provocative character piece than anything else -- but it's not quite as dreary as some of them out there. Well-written too.

Hermione/Vincent Crabbe
Fic: More Lasting
Author: UserFriendly
I had my doubts. How could these two be paired convincingly without going OOC to the point of incredulity? And yet, it's been done. And while this isn't a long story, it's a surprisingly sweet one. The ending gets me every time. Seriously, read it. It made me a believer, lol!

Hermione/Viktor Krum
Fic: Past Present
Author: Miss Yetigoosecreature
I'm not a terribly big fan of Viktor, and I didn't expect to like this story, but I gave it a chance, and ... well ... I admit it. I'm 95 parts into it (it's a WIP, but the author updates regularly) and I can see why this Hermione and this Viktor work so well together.

Hermione/Willow Rosenberg
Fic: The Eighth Weasley
Author: Fyre
HP/BtVS Crossover. Ginny's long-lost twin sister has been discovered living on a Hellmouth in America and is brought to Hogwarts to meet her family and learn how to channel her powers properly. Of course Buffy and the rest come along for the ride and they make quite the impact on the wizarding world. Not to mention finding some kindred spirits along the way ... definitely a fun, action-filled story. WIP.

July 20, 2003

Fic: The Revenge of Lord Vodkamort
Author: Liz Barr
Fandom: Harry Potter
Category/Summary: Humour. Post-Hogworts.

The gang's all grown up and -- well, maybe that's a bad choice of words. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say they're old enough to get into new kinds of trouble. That, and carnivorous furniture. Oh! And there are sporks.

Fic: Think Before You Use *That* Title!
Jennifer-Oksana and FirePhile
Fandom: X-Files
Category/Summary: Humour. Therapy. No, really.

Picture it: every major X-Files character you can think of, in therapy. Group therapy. Together.
I laughed so hard I think I broke something.

Fic: The End of the Continuity
Author: Nicole Anell
Fandom: Roswell
Category/Summary: Satire. Future Tess.

Like the author says ... "a spoof for anyone who's a little annoyed with the less-than-solid mythology of Our Show. Maybe Future Tess can set things right."

Hey, I buy it. I may need oxygen though. I'm having trouble breathing properly.

Fic: Something Has to Give
Fandom: Labyrinth
Category/Summary: Humour. Post-movie. WIP.

Sarah brings a little of the Labyrinth magic back with her. It's scary. It's mystical. Shirts duel. Mice and duct tape clash. And ... ye gods ... the hand dryers ... no, I can't say any more ... it hurts, oh, it hurts so good ...

Fic: On a Man and His Penis
Fandom: X-Men
Category/Summary: Humour. L/M. Slightly off-colour.

Sex. The penis perspective. I just about died.

(If this is a little too blunt for you, try jenn's Overheard, cowritten with Victoria P. Actually, read that one anyway. Heh. There's zucchini.)

Fic: Draco the Amazing Bouncing ... Rat?
Author: Maya
Harry Potter
Category/Summary: Humour. D/Hr.

Draco's having a difficult time. He doesn't have enough blood in his caffeine system. He's having odd thoughts about certain Gryffindors. He's a target for assassination. He speaks in sound bites. He ponders a new hair style. Oh ... and for a few weeks, he's a rat.

This, my friend, is one of the most hilarious fics I've ever read. ... (*pause for emphasis*) ... EVER.

July 17, 2003

Site: Remember Us
Fandoms: Far Too Many To Count
Summary: "The long, long, *long* overdue central archive for fiction, art, and links featuring characters of color." [Excerpt]

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: there are a freakin' ton of fandoms covered, by some seriously kickass authors, and if you're not careful, you'll lose a lot of time in here, lol. (I did. And I'm not sorry. Heh.) Gen and slash pairings abound.

Site: Cold Showers
BtVS, LotR, Roswell, Stars Wars, ST:V, X-Men, Others

A pretty darn decent collection of NC17 fic, from Buffy to LotR to Roswell. I'm particularly fond of the X-Men offerings, which are predominantly L/M (or, W/R) and S/J (or, C/J) stories, ranging in both quality and intensity. Must reads, a lot of them -- if you can deal with angst, I simply must recommend the various post-apocalyptic rebuilding-mutant-society ones like the 'Seasons in Yellowstone' or the 'Holding Ground' series.

Site: Rice Candy
16 indexed plus crossovers and drabbles

Jen writes in over a dozen fandoms and produces a remarkably pretty site. I first read Jen's work looking for quality HP (I always come back to this one PW/HG she did; I find the concept intriguing), but I simply must recommend the Labyrinth ones. I'm not sure they quite jibe with my take on the characters or their experiences, but she weaves wonderful tales that make me question my own perspectives.

Site: Pickled Slash
or if that doesn't load, try here
Angel, BtVS, Due South, Roswell, The Sentinel, X-Files, crossovers

Wax Jism doesn't have the most extensive site on the web, but that's because we need it dished out slowly for our own protection. Most notable for the seriously quality slash happening here, but she does some great character pieces too. Incidentally, I must recommend the Willow/Oz 'first time' one; it's brutal, it's beautiful, it's downright visceral.

Site: Destiny's Gateway Fiction Romance Archives
37 indexed plus crossovers

... I came for the Labyrinth, stayed for the [count em] fandoms! Lol; seriously, though, once I figured my way about the slightly labrynthine navigation, I found a multifandom site worth bookmarking. Here's hoping you agree.

Site: Debbie's Collection

Harry Potter, Roswell

Debbie opened my eyes to m/m slash in Roswell, and she did it again with HP. Even if there is no Hermione sandwiched in between them (shock! horror! gasp! ... hee) she has great instincts for those kickass DM/HP stories that just leave you wanting more -- more Draco, more Harry, more of them together, and well, more good stories! She also does some interesting things with the Weasley boys too. My recommendation? Check out her fics and then check out her recommendations.

June 29, 2003

Information Site:
Fandom: The Sentinel
Category/Summary: Supernatural cop show, decent balance of mythology and action.


A good place to start -- there are some character bios of the main characters (Detective Jim Ellison, anthropologist Blair Sandburg, and in a more supporting role, Captain Simon Banks), a fairly extensive episode guide of all four seasons, and even some listings for episodes still being run. What more can you ask for? Lol, other than being able to get the SciFi channel on cable, that is ...


Site: Francesca's Sentinel Stories
Fandom: The Sentinel
Category/Summary: TS fic, slash-oriented.


Francesca's been nominated for and won several awards for her stories, and they're all deserved! I'm pretty sure they're all J/B, at least, all the ones I've read are, and I'm fairly sure I've read them all ... hmm. Some day soon I'll have to go through them and double check ... heh. But seriously, if you think you might be even a little into J/B, or Sentinel fic, this is a great place to get a feel for quality stuff. Be sure to try The Nature Series (J/B NC17).


Site: 852 Prospect: The Sentinel Adult Fiction Index
Fandom: The Sentinel
Category/Summary: Sexed-up TS fic. Hee.


Pairings include m/m, m/f, and f/f, and I'm still feeling my way around this extensive site so I'll have a better articulated opinion of the content someday soon. Right now, though, it's looking good. Heh.


Site: Guide Posts: General Fiction Archive for "The Sentinel" Since 1997
Fandom: The Sentinel
Category/Summary: TS fic for all ages and pairings.


Gen companion to 852 Prospect, I think. Again, this is a huge site and I don't feel justified in rendering a strong opinion until I've read at least a couple thousand of the stories here, lol! Sigh ... it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.


Fic Series: The Good Fortune Series
Fandom: The Sentinel
Starts with Grey's original story about a S/B relationship (NC17) and builds from there.


Incidentally, this series is housed at Remember Us, one hell of a multifandom source for finding fic featuring people of colour. I've got it bookmarked, and you should too. It's that good a find.


June 28, 2003

Darkness and Sins (aka Ms. Mephisto's Fan Fiction Archive)
Art of Vin Diesel
Living the Vintasy
Fandom: Pitch Black/The Fast and The Furious (aka Vin Diesel, baby!)
Category/Summary: Some sites to introduce you to the world of Vin!


So if you like growly, overprotective badass Logan, you'll *love* anything from the Fandoms of Vin (lol). These three sites are just an introduction but I feel they cover most of the PB/TF&TF fic out there. The fandom has been a bit slow of late but with the TF&TF sequel out (even thought there's no Vin, you know authors will want to be correcting that once they see it) and the PB sequel in the works (and, from what I've heard, it's all about Riddick!), I'm betting it will be picking up.

More specific recs to follow...


Fic: The Apprentice
Fandom: Pitch Black
Ardath Rekha
Riddick/Jack fic that takes place four and a half years after the movie.


You know how there is just that one fic in every fandom that is the reason you stick around? The first one you rec to others and the one you re-read on a regular basis? Well, this is that fic for me when it comes to Pitch Black.

Something about the Riddick/Jack pairing reminds me of Logan/Marie (another favorite ship of mine) and is just as delicious.

This is a longer fic (60 chapters) so you might want to carve out a few hours to read it all in one sitting. Oh, and just so you know, the scenes at the "regen clinic" are the ones I read most often when I'm pressed for time. *sigh* Amazing.


Below the Skin by L and Tab
En Verano by La Mamacita

The Fast and The Furious
Two of the best, IMO, NC-17 fics in the fandom .


So most of the stories you find in this fandom are Dom/Letty and NC-17. This poses a bit of a problem for me since I'm not a huge fan of that pairing (I like to see Vince and/or Leon getting some action myself) so these two fics provide the right balance.

Below the Skin has the necessary Dom/Letty but its main focus is Vince/OFC. And I really like the backstory/situation that the author has created for this OFC. Plus, how can you not love a happy, in-love but still growly Vince? (Geez...what is it with me and the growly, overprotective types? LOL)

En Verano is a Dom/Letty/Leon/OFC fic where the pairings switch (it seems) every few chapters and you find yourself divided about who you want to end up with who. Leon gets some lovin' (which is why, of course, I'm a fan) but not enough and there's something about this fic that makes me want to go on vacation to Mexico...and hook up with the driver and all his friends. *snickers*



June 22, 2003

Fandom: X-Men
Site Admin: Devil Doll
Category/Summary: From what I can gather, this is simply *the* place to go for W/R fic.


So, you like the idea of Wolverine and Rogue, do ya? Well me, too! So head on over to and start reading! So far, they have over 1,200 fics and all of them are W/R centered. *sigh* Yes, it's another example of a little slice of heaven right here on earth. Oh, and the best part? It's still being updated! *gasp*

There's other stuff besides the fic (a drinking game, links, downloads, etc.) but I won't lie, I haven't quite made it there yet. I'm still working my way through all this glorious W/R smut...I mean, fic. Yes, *fic*.


Fic: Agony and Exstasy
Fandom: X-Men
Category/Summary: FanFiction Archive with close to a 1,000 fics (all pairings).


So for those who might want to venture out and read something *other* than W/R (I'm not sure who or where you are...but apparently you *do* exist) this would be a good place to start. Still enough W/R to keep me happy, but this site does accept all kinds of submissions and, from what I can gather, is still being updated.

The fic is divided into movieverse and comicverse (for those of you that take the distinction seriously) and I've just found, while prepping this rec, a section called "Tales of Legolas"...ooh, nice bonus. Sexy elf fic, always a plus ;)



June 18, 2003

Fic: The Screaming Alien
Fandom: Roswell
Author: Sue

Category/Summary: AU/CC Hilarious fic based on a role reversal challenge.


Excuse my language here, folks, but this is one *absofuckinglutely* hilarious fic. Seriously LOL kind of funny. A gay, limerick-spitting Kyle? Maria/Liz/Alex as alien siblings? Isabel as a bookworm who lusts after Alex? Did I mention Kyle? ROFLMAO!

Go. Read it. Laugh your ass off. You can thank me later ;)

[Bennie adds: Oh my gods yes! I heartily concur -- this thing is so bloody funny I damn near shorted out a keyboard. No, for real.

Read it already.]


June 16, 2003

Fic: Between the Buried
Fandom: Roswell
Author: Dira
Category/Summary: AU Zanfic. Zan meets an equally scarred girl named Parker. Bonding, healing and smut ensues. (WIP)


OK, so let's make this simple. I loved this fic when it was first being written. I was sad when it got moved to the Dead & Buried section at BOF after the author disappeared. And now I'm *thrilled* to see it being written again.

Dira: If you're out there and you can hear me...please, oh, please don't let this one die again. I have too much invested in the Zan/Parker relationship to go the rest of my days without an ending...without some closure.

(*Bennie applauds wildly from somewhere off in the wings*)

Hear, hear!



June 16, 2003

Due South: The Official Website
Speranza's Due South Stories
The Due South Fiction Archive
Fandom: Due South
Category/Summary: A sometimes touching but more often hilarious fandom that's predominantly slash and awfully good at it.


Due South: The Official Website
For the beginner, I recommend starting out with the "Squad Room" for information on characters and storylines.

Speranza's Due South Stories
Okay, I should note that these are all slash. Often graphically so. And for some of us (i.e., me) that's part of the charm. But the most important thing is Speranza consistently produces some of the gut-busting funniest stories I've ever read in any fandom, and that's saying a lot. Without sacrificing characterisation or superior story lines, no less. She's bloody brilliant. She does some bloody beautiful men good. Hell yeah.

The Due South Fiction Archive
F/K and F/V stories in every rating, category and format! What's not to love?

Personal Favourites:

Chicago's Most Wanted (or anything else) by Speranza F/K NC17
Learning Patience by Alison F/K NC17



April 29, 2003

Fic: Find Me Here
Fandom: Roswell
Author: mockingbird39
Category/Summary: Zan/Liz fic that covers two lifetimes.


Reese: So I've seen Zan/Liz fics before and I've seen fics where some form of Liz was involved with Zan/Max in his life on Antar but I've never quite enjoyed one like this before. I can't quite put my finger on what it is just flows nicely, if that makes any sense.

Now, I feel it is my duty to warn you that this is a WIP but the author seems to be updating regularly. And I have to say, even though I've loved it so far, I think the best is yet to come!

Bennie: Ooh -- this is one kickass author. I have yet to read anything of hers that doesn't move me in some way. I admit that I'm a little behind on this one, but I wholeheartedly endorse Reese's take on what I've read so far, and I have every confidence that the rest will be just as satisfying.



April 24, 2003

Fic: Through the Long Night
Fandom: Roswell
Author: ShellSueD
Category/Summary: K/L Futurefic (Liz POV)


Reese: So I'll make this short and sweet. Sue writes great fics. Sue also writes great Loyalist fics and as a Loyalist I feel the need to get the word out, if you will, whenever a new one of these rarities rolls into town. This fic is short (2 parts) and completed (always a plus, right?) and is one of those fics that leaves you with an "I'm sad yet strangely content/OK with it" kind of a feeling. Nice, huh? So enjoy...

Bennie: I agree; Sue fic is a good thing in general, and Sue's Loyalist fic is a good thing specifically!

More to the point, reading this one made me sniffly but not sorry. It's a fine line to walk and it's done here beautifully.

Read it. And have Kleenex on hand.



April 11, 2003

Fic: Made to be Broken
Fandom: Roswell
Author: Meagzie
An interesting M/L piece with a Serena twist ;)


Reese: OK, let me just put it this way: This is an interesting AU twist on what could have happened if Max hadn't told Liz who/what he was and what role Serena could have played in all of this in the future.

That's all I can say. Go read it to find out the rest ;)

Bennie: Definitely a unique twist. I loved the tone of the entire piece. Lol ... Reese has a point. I don't want to say too much here! Just, you know, go read it. You know you want to.



April 6, 2003

Fic: Memorial to the Name
Fandom: Roswell
A beautiful one-part, post-war M/M piece.


Reese: So this is a clear sign the end of the world is truly upon us.

How's that, you say? Because I'm actually recommending an M/M fic.

I know. It's throwing me a little off balance as well.

But seriously, this is an *amazing* M/M fic that actually makes me believe in a certain depth to their relationship that normally I don't see in fic. Plus, there is a bigger message/theme than just the two of them that has an impact all its own.

Just a quick yet powerful read that you all should check out...don't let the M&M part scare you off. ;)

Bennie: I am forced to agree. The power of this fic is incredible enough that I too would recommend it, and it isn't even about Liz! Oh, the humanity. Lol ... okay, seriously, though, this fic choked me up. It totally captured the emotion of respecting the people behind the sacrifice, if you know what I mean. Or not. The point is, you'll probably have your own reaction to it. It's that good. So go check it out; you won't regret it.



April 1, 2003

Site: The Boardello of Fanfiction
Fandom: Roswell
Webmistress: ShellSueD
Category/Summary: FanFiction Board/Archive


Reese: So for those of you who are looking for new and upated fics, the Boardello is the place to be. They have a little of everything: CC, UC, AU, Smut, Crossover, etc. and it is one of (if not *the*) must active sites still around for fanfaction.

Tired of reading the same old stories from a couple years ago? Looking for something new? Wanting to post something of your own where the feedback is consistent and oftentimes insightful? Then the Boardello is the place for you!

Bennie: I know I've rec'd the BoF in another places, for lots of reasons, because it's a personal favourite of mine too. The people are nice as anything and it's a great place if you have a sense of humour and an appreciation for great board-posted fic.

As a plus, the webmistress runs a pretty tight ship and visiting the BoF isn't the frustrating experience a lot of boards are; everything's legible, well-ordered and easily navigable, and boy, how nice it is to visit a fic site and actually get to concentrate on the fic, ya know?



February 9, 2003

Fic: Break Me
Fandom: Roswell
Author: Sue (ShellSueD)

Touching story about the strained relationship between Kyle and his daughter and the circumstances surrounding it.


Reese: OK, so anyone who knows anything about me will not be surprised to see my recommend this fic. It's A) a Loyalist fic at heart and B) by Sue, which is always a plus. As of right now, it is not completely finished but Sue is one of those authors who actually finishes her fics...amazing, isn't it? LOL So if you follow the above link to find it still without its last chapter, don't worry...just keep checking back.

The story is, as I mentioned, a Loyalist fic at heart but mainly focuses on the relationship between Kyle and his children, especially his daughter. There are twists and turns throughout as you try to figure out not only what's happened in the past to bring them to this point but how things will work out for all concerned in the future.

And for those of you who many not be die-hard Loyalists (*coughfreakscough*), fear not...just about all of the major characters play a roll so you're sure to find at least one of your favorites in the mix!

Bennie: LOL, Reese, but I have to agree. I have strong Loyalist tendencies myself (post-S1, mostly), and of course, Sue excels at both breaking your heart and making it sing -- and usually, at the same time. This fic is no exception, except that it's simply exceptional.

I dare anyone to read this and come away dry-eyed or indifferent.



January 7, 2003

Site: Guilty Pleasures
Fandom: Roswell
Webmaster: Pilar
Category/Summary: FanFiction Archive


Reese: OK, again with the cheating...but you'll thank me for it, I'm sure! LOL Although it hasn't been updated since July 2002, GP has almost 1500 fics so that should keep you busy for awhile. And they've got a little (or a lot!) of everything so whether you're into smut, slash, UC or'll find something at GP!

Bennie: I'm not just saying this because I have some fics on GP, but GP rocks. There's a lot of variety here, and you can get lost for days, lol! I did -- more than once. I have every confidence that you will too.



January 2, 2003

Site: Fic-O-Rama
Fandom: Roswell
Webmaster: Elizabeth
Category/Summary: FanFiction Archive


Reese: OK, so instead of recommending every fic on the site, we figured it would just be easier to provide you with the link to Fic-O-Rama. The best way to explain it is this: when I came into the Roswell fandom and started asking around about where to find quality fics, I was given this link each and every time. It's that simple.

Hardly ever updated anymore (especially with anything Roswell) but a good place to find some of the "classics".

Bennie: Ficorama has always been, in my experience and estimation, a hallmark of Roswell fic, particularly in the first couple seasons. Elizabeth is a tremendous writer and she has a discerning eye, and you will not find anything here of poor quality. You've heard the phrase "must-see"? This, people, is a site that fulfills that promise. Enjoy.

(Ha, like you have a choice ... well, actually, you kind of do. Aside from the whole free-will thing, the fact remains that the site is heavy on the angst and light on the comedy, and it's so, so worth it.)



December 29, 2002

Title: Passing Notes
Fandom: Roswell
Author: PWAC
Category/Summary: A funny little fic written in the form of notes passed throughout the day between everyone (human and alien).


Reese: OK, so again, I'm cheating. I know the author and this is my favorite work of hers. It's original and funny and everyone is in character in these short little notes. Not only did it take me back to high school but it managed to do something the writers of the show often forgot: to put the characters back in high school.

Again, another fic you probably haven't seen before and one that I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy.

Bennie: I'm not sure I can stop laughing long enough to offer an objective, carefully considered opinion on this one. Just read it. It's light-hearted, funny, and so in-character you can see it happening.



December 23, 2002

Title: Nightswimming
Fandom: Roswell
Author: Rilla
Category/Summary: Angsty M/L fic.


Reese: So, in a way, I’m cheating by recommending this fic because I am actually good friends with the author but there are other reasons, I assure you. First of all, it’s just a good fic. Plain and simple. And angsty to the nth degree to boot, always a plus. Also, this is one that I doubt a lot of you have come across so I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find your way to it!

So, enjoy…and you’re welcome.

Bennie: I’m a Dreamer - mostof the time - and I can definitely see why Reese likes this fic. It’s different and definitely angsty (as she said) but there’s also an element of something beautiful to it as well. A good, short read and one that’s well worth it.

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