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June 22, 2003

Challenge #15 (X-Men)

Issued by Reese

WARNING: This challenge contains spoilers for X2.

Following the tragic events at the end of X2, how would those left behind cope? In particular, how would Scott, Logan and Rogue cope? Would Jean's death lead to Scott/Logan bonding? Slash, even? Maybe a threesome? Would Logan realize that life is too short to deny one's feelings and finally go after Rogue? Would she deny him b/c she feels he is only after her now that what he really wants (Jean) is gone? Would Logan be the weak one and run away, leaving Rogue behind to help/console Scott? Could this lead to Scott/Rogue bonding?

Oh, and you can throw Ororo in there as well, if you like, it's just that my main interest lies in the Scott/Rogue/Logan aspect of the situation ;)

Come on, *know* this has potential. Somebody make me proud! LOL


June 18, 2003

Challenge #14 (X-Men/Roswell Crossover)

Issued by Reese

Oh, come had to know this was coming, right?

It's Crossover time, folks. That's right, I want to see these two fandoms working together. I mean, Tess the Mindwarping Mutant? Couldn't you see any of the Royal Four as mutants, thanks to their powers? Or what about a little mutant/alien fic where the mutants realize they are more human than some other people on the planet. I mean, can you imagine the Michael/Logan meeting? Or Max/Scott? The Liz/Rogue friendship? The Tess/Mystique battle?

Oh, the possibilities are endless! So I'll just keep this one general and open but with a huge PLEASE attached because I'd really like to see this. And I mean really.

(Bennie nearly faints with joy at the thought of Liz and Rogue comparing notes about dating moody, unattainable guys with a knack for being attracted to the wrong kind of women ... until their eyes are opened for them. Perhaps forcibly.

Heh. Good mental imagery there.

Okay, seriously, this is sweet. Go for it, will you? I don't think you'll regret this one.)

June 14, 2003

Challenge #13 (X-Men)

Issued by Bennie

WARNING: This challenge contains spoilers for X2.

This is a simple one: why did Pyro really leave?

Could it be because of something Rogue might have seen in his head during that scene at Bobby’s house?

For that matter, what is going on in his head these days?


June 13, 2003

Challenge #12 (X-Men)

Issued by Reese

WARNING: This challenge contains spoilers for X2.

Fire and Ice.

Come on, kids. You know where I'm going with this.

So one's gone bad and the other is still good. Hmm...what could this mean in the future? A face-off, perhaps? Oh yes, I think so! And what role will Rogue play when that day comes? Will she and Bobby be able to bring John back from the "dark side"? Will John come back because of his love for Rogue? Or Bobby? Or will he manage to seduce one of them into joining him? Maybe both? Maybe the three of them could form their own little X-team? LOL

But seriously, I think this was set up on purpose (Fire vs. Ice) so now's the time to make of it what you want before X3 dictates what will actually happen. LOL

May 25, 2003

Challenge #11 (X-Men)

Issued by Bennie

So. Logan and Rogue. A pretty sexy combination, wouldn't you say? And both possessive as hell. Can you see either of them settling for anything less than everything?

I can't. Or at least, I'd like to think they wouldn't.

So here's the dilemma: say they want to marry. Or Logan wants to adopt Rogue. Either works for me, although I admit I'd prefer a little adult action, heh. Anyway, for whatever reason -- possessiveness, mutual adoration, legal cross-border rights of citizenship, or even just to have someone to call family -- they want to do it up in writing. But how can they? Logan doesn't even have a legal identity, does he? And on a more fundamental level, he doesn't know about his own past. What if he already has a wife or a family? Or a dark history just waiting to expose him? That'd be hell to deal with later, even if they just go the obvious route and make him up a fake ID.

So help me out here. Have Logan go on a journey of self-discovery. Or re-invent himself completely. Just ... figure out how to bring these two together.

They deserve it, don't they?

April 29, 2003

Challenge #10 (Roswell)

Issued by Reese

Jesse and Liz? Can you see it?

So Bennie and I are chatting the other night and we get on the subject of rarely seen UC pairings and this one came up. Now I just don't see it, I have to say. I mean, I guess when it comes to UC, you can see just about any pairing but this one just doesn't pull at my heartstrings like say...oh, I don't know...Kyle & Liz! LOL But Bennie did bring up some good points about the similarities between the two characters and how, let's face it, we can't blame Jesse for being so blah on the show and maybe we should give him a chance for redemption in fic.

So there's no real specific challenge here except this: Make me believe in these two. Make me see the possibility of Jesse/Liz. Hell, I'm even open to just a really good friendship fic between the two at this point. So what do you say?

And, as always...well, you should know the drill by now ;)

(If I may interject, now that I've seen Adam Rodrigues on CSI: Miami -- an okay show with a great cast; gods, but Rory Cochrane still does it for me ... er, sorry, moving on -- I can now visualise Jesse as, dare I say it, something more interesting than a bad plot device and an extremely poor substitute for Alex. I'd be personally gratified if anyone can justify this newfound curiosity, lol. Think of the possibilities!)


April 24, 2003

Challenge #9 (Roswell)

OK, here's something a little new.

You know how sometimes you write this kick-ass story but can't come up with a title? But then other times you have this title kicking around in your head and you just can't seem to come with a story to go along with it? And then -- this is where these new challenges come in handy -- your muse is hanging out but just looking for an idea? She/he doesn't like to be tied down with too many details or anything, they just want that little spark to start the fire? Well, hopefully these Fic Title Challenges will help.

These will be either phrases, song titles, lyrics, etc. that either Bennie or I (or both) come up with that we think might help get the ball rolling for you and your muse. So here goes...


On the Other Side

Lost Ones

Unwanted Answers


Now the usual still applies...if you use it, let us know! If you use some variation of it or if it gives you any inspiration at all, let us know! We just had some extra title ideas lying around and thought they might help! Good Luck :)


[Edited to add: Check it out -- Sue took the challenge!

Look for On the Other Side over at Sue's FanFiction.]


April 11, 2003

Challenge #8 (Roswell)

Issued by Reese

So here's what I'm thinking: Serena comes back in time to clean up the mess Max left following EOTW. She comes back on the day Liz was shot and stops either A) Liz from being shot or B) Max from healing her if she was.

In the first scenario, she could take the bullet herself (therefore ending her own existence in that timeline and avoiding any questions about who she is or why she did it) and could leave everyone wondering. Or, in the second scenario, she could walk in and sit down with Max and Michael and just start telling him (Max) "You can't fix what's about to just have to let it be." (or something like that). Or she could somehow convince the two of them to follow her out of the Crashdown before it happens and then they could either hear the gunshot or find out the next day what happened and by then she's disappeared.

Interesting, huh?

And, as always, let us know if you write it or have read it elsewhere!

[Edited to add: Check it out -- Sue took the challenge!

Look for Time Will Tell by Sue over at the Boardello of Fanfiction.]

April 6, 2003

Challenge #7 (Roswell)

Issued by Reese

So...let's talk about Nicholas.

Is he truly loyal to Khivar? Or does he have his own motivation for supporting Khivar and/or bringing down the Royal Four?

What was his life like back on Antar? His relation with Zan & Co. prior to their deaths? Was he involved with Vilandra as he intimated on the show? Did he put Rath to death? And what about Ava...what was his relationship with her (if any)?

And what relationship/interest could he have with the humans when he's on Earth? Liz, Maria, Alex or Kyle? Could he befriend or even fall in love with one of them? Bringing his loyalty to Khivar into question and possibly creating a moral dilemma for him?

I guess I'm looking for something where Nicholas isn't just the evil little Khivar any ideas?

And you know the drill: if you write it, let us know. If you've read it somewhere, please let us know that, too! Thanks :)


February 7, 2003

Challenge #6 (Roswell)

Issued by Reese

Who is she? Where is she? What is she?

Who am I talking about, you ask? Well, Serena of course!

I've always been a fan of the *idea* of this character and am still surprised that we (fic authors) haven't done more with her. We know so little about her that it's a blessing! The door is wide open for us to create her in any way/shape/form we wish!

And this particular challenge was inspired by a question raised at the FF Fan Fiction board: Has anyone ever considered that Serena was evil?

Now yes, I have. I even dabbled with fic ideas that had her allied with Nicholas...or the Dupes...or simply as a plant used by someone evil. But what do you think? How do you see her?

Is she really friends with Liz in the future? Or is that a front? Who would she be involved with (romantically) in the future? Anyone? Does she intentionally send Future Max back to Liz knowing that it will only cause more problems? Is she aware of the possible outcome of Alex's death? Did she plan it this way? How would Maria feel about her if she was indeed close to Liz in the future? Or would Serena simply be a replacement for Maria if she was already gone?

Oh, the possibilities are endless!

So how do you see Serena?


January 10, 2003

Challenge #5 (Roswell)

Issued by Bennie

Ever since that whole debacle with Zan Jr., the issue of alien pregnancy has been kind of fascinating. And I’ve been thinking … okay, picture this. AU, pre-Graduation, Liz gets pregnant.

(Or Maria, it could be either human girl. I’m just going with Liz here because, well, I'm me.)

The thing is, there’s some reason why the boy who helped her get that way – Max, Michael, Changed!Kyle, I’m not picky about who, as long as there’s a good story attached – won’t be around to stand by her and she goes to her parents.

The baby has already shown some sign of having powers, and she’s a little frightened. She knows she’s going to have to tell her parents something, so she goes with logic. She’s special, she tells them. That’s why she’s been pulling away from them, why she’s been going through such a hard time, because a couple years earlier she started developing powers and she’s terrified of being a freak. The word alien never passes her lips, or any suggestion that it has anything to do with the baby's father.

Now here’s where I get a little ambivalent. The Parkers of S1 would embrace their daughter and want to protect and help her. I’m sure of it. But the Parkers of S3 (especially Jeff) make me question that assumption.

What do you think? Seriously, thoughtfully, how do you think they’d react? Would they stand by her or have her committed? Support her or throw her out? Would family overcome all, or would Liz have to redefine what family means to her?

As always, feel free to let us know if you write one or have read one like this. Thanks!


January 2, 2003

Challenge #4 (Roswell)

Issued by Reese

Another "what happened to" question: What ever happened to Ava after she left Roswell? Did she keep in touch with Liz? With anyone? Did she come across Zan? Part of me always felt that he found her (or vice versa) after she left. Would they come back together to help The Roswell Four (or Three)? Or would they choose to live their own life and stay away from all the alien mumbo-jumbo?

If Ava didn't find Zan, would she come across Rath and Lonnie again? Or fear them finding her? What about if she developed her powers (and her self-esteem) to the point that she didn't fear them any longer? Now, I'd like to see a more confident Ava come back to Roswell! WOO HOO!

What if she came back years later to see how things had changed? How she'd changed since last being there? What if she came back to find Liz with Kyle and therefore she fulfilled her destiny as queen at Max's side? (LOL Sorry, I'm a was bound to come out!)

As always, let us know if you write one or have read one like this! Thanks...


December 29, 2002

Challenge #3 (Roswell)

Issued by Reese

So I have one question that basically sums up this challenge: What happened to Brody after OTM? I mean, it's been awhile since I've watched eps from the end of S2, but did they ever really say much about him? Did he leave town? Sell the UFO Center? Was he still in contact with Maria? Or any of them?

Did he get "used" anymore by Larek? Did Larek maybe leave him a note or something explaining what happened (LOL)? Did the powers that be on Antar decide that he (Brody) was now a liability and had to be done away with somehow?

Did Maria every think about Brody after he left? Miss him? Worry about him? Did any of them? Was there maybe some secret romance we didn't "see" on the show? Like Liz and Brody? Or, for you slash-lovers out there, Max and Brody?

I'm just saying, the lack of information given about Brody's leaving really opens the door for fic to fill in the gaps, don't you think?

And, as always, if you've read something along these lines then please let me know. Just drop me a line at the CG link above. Thanks. :)

December 20, 2002

Challenge #2 (Roswell)

Issued by Bennie

I was reviewing VLV and Departure recently, and it occured to me that Michael and Liz had something in common other than the ability to blast things (er, and people).

The dreams.

Michael's were nightmares, true, but they disturbed him. Why? And they had to do with Max leaving him, and shadowy figures pursuing them down a hallway with malicious intent ... hello, shades of a certain escape from a rather notable graduation ceremony, don't you think? Rightly or wrongly, he interpreted them as the result of stress and guilt. But what if he was wrong?

It's been fairly established that Liz's were premonitions. And we know that Michael has had prophetic visions.

So ... how prophetic are Michael's dreams? Has he had any we don't know about? (Hint, hint.) Is there any link between his gifts and Liz's? What does it mean to be able to change a future you've already foreseen? What does this say about the nature of space and time?

I have some ideas, but they're vague and undefined. If anyone could do better, I'd love to read it.


[Edited to add: Check it out -- Lauren and Linsey took the challenge!

Look for Double Negative by Jadalyn over at the Boardello of Fanfiction.]


December 15, 2002

Challenge #1 (Roswell)

Issued by Reese

OK, folks. So I’m a Loyalist…and guess what? They’re simply aren’t enough Loyalist fics out there…are there, Bennie? (Bennie just nods in the background) so here’s one for anyone out there who’s willing to help out a poor, Loyalist soul like myself…

It’s mentioned in one of the S1 eps (post-285 South) that Kyle & Liz shared their first kiss the last day of school in the janitor’s closet. So how did that come to be? I mean, Liz doesn’t really strike me as the kind that would be kissing guys in dark corners at school (Max in the eraser room was the first time, I’d thought, considering she acted like she knew nothing about the eraser room). Did something happen…good or bad…that spurned her into action? Who initiated it? Was it before, during or after school? Does Maria even know about it? Or was it a little secret Liz kept? One of possibly many she kept regarding her and Kyle?

I’m just saying…this has potential. And I don’t think I’ve seen it before. If it has been done, drop me a line and let me know…I’d love to read it.


[Edited to add: Check it out -- Alianora took the challenge!

Look for Closets, Kisses, and Lies by Alianora over at the Boardello of Fanfiction.]



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