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Roswell Crossovers
The Fast and the Furious
Pitch Black



This One Moment
By Reese
A short Scott/Rogue friendship fic. PG



The Fast and the Furious


Legacy of Honour
By Bennie
Brian made a decision when he let Dom drive away. He and his family paid for that decision. But will Dom honour his legacy? (Primarily OFC POV)

(Prologue) Brian's Goodbye
Brian's Legacy
A Child's Farewell
New Directions
Escape the Past
Facing the Future
Running Free
Tran's Legacy


Pitch Black


By Bennie
Post PB, Jack learns some hard lessons and Riddick makes a decision. I'm rating this R for language and sexual violence, although I'd like to point out that this is not a R/J fic.

Survivor Spirit
By Bennie
Jack post-PB, written with a different style than Indebted and a somewhat different outcome. R/J, PG-13. Jack POV

Jack's Dance
By Bennie
Post-PB, Jack finds inspiration in unexpected places. PG-13. No pairing.

Jack's Audience
By Bennie
Companion to Jack's Dance, Riddick tries to understand a different side of Jack. PG-13. No pairing.





Just Another Day (In My Very Strange Life)
By Bennie.
Roswell/Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
PG13 for violence.
Post-Departure for Roswell, Post-The Gift for BtVS. Uber-CC for both shows and Liz-centric. A nice, fluffy, puppies-and-hugs story for my friend Zoë
Liz is changing.

This Hopeless Desire
By Bennie.
Roswell/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Kindred: The Embraced.
PG-15 for sexual content and violence.
Post-Departure for Roswell, Post-The Gift for BtVS, Post-Cabin in the Woods for Kindred. CC when in-show. Somewhat edgier than my first crossover, elements of Liz/Julian, Liz/Daedalus, Liz/Lillie, and Liz/Max so far. Nothing graphic, though.
Summary: Liz goes to San Francisco to escape Max's destiny, and finds her own.
Part One: San Francisco
Part Two: Roswell
Part Three: Sunnydale

By Bennie
Roswell/Sixth Sense.
PG13 for character death.
Somewhat AU, quasi-spoilerish for S1 and S3.
Summary: Liz is dead, but she's not gone. Will her death be avenged?



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