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Like any self-respecting webmaster, I put my own work first. (Aw, c'mon, I'm kidding. Well, I did put my work first. But that's only natural and probably some kind of survival instinct. As for webmasters, I have yet to meet one who hasn't worked their tail off to create the best site possible, or hasn't treated the people who post with them with respect.)

Okay, enough, lol. Offsite recommendations are below. Be sure to check 'em out.

And have any suggestions? Reach me here. Thanks!

Behind Blue Eyes Liz, Tess and Kyle Songfic Rated PG

Crimson and Clover Tess POV, Tess/Liz Songfic Rated PG

Dark Epiphany Series
Malignant Isabel POV, Isabel/Liz Rated PG
Cure Isabel POV, Isabel/Liz Rated PG
Rot Liz POV, Isabel/Liz Rated PG

Eureka! Liz/Michael, Maria/Isabel, Kyle/Max, etc. Rated PG13

Friends and Lovers Series
Tart Liz POV, Liz/Isabel NC17
Turnabout Isabel POV, Isabel/Liz NC17
Possession/Repossession Max POV, Max/Alex, Isabel/Liz NC17
Revelations Alex POV, Alex/Max NC17

Girls of Summer Liz/Whittaker Rated PG

Love Me Liz POV, Liz/Isabel, Rated NC17

The Madonna Pedestal Maria POV, Maria/Liz, Liz/Eddie, etc. Rated PG13

Open Series
Eyes Open Liz/Tess Rated PG
Mind Open Liz/Tess Rated PG

Rearranging the PiecesGeneral UC Fluff Rated PG

Requiem for Innocence Liz/Isabel, Alternating POVs Rated PG13

'Shipping Series
'Ships in the Night Liz/Michael/Tess, Rated NC17
The Day My 'Ship Came In Liz/Michael/Tess, Rated NC17

To Die A Virgin General UC slash foof, Rated PG

Transference Series
Conduit Liz/Michael/Isabel Rated PG13
Conductivity Liz POV, Liz/Michael/Isabel Rated PG13
Conductance Isabel POV, Liz/Michael/Isabel Rated PG13

Whiteout Isabel POV, Isabel/Liz Rated PG13 New!

Offsite Recommendations

My idea was to find sites where the Roswell slash caught my eye somehow (the imagery, writing style, originality, maybe all of the above), and highlight one or two fics off of each that made a distinct impression on me in some way.

Many of these links were not listed with the written approval of the author or webmaster, although some were and I stayed away from any sites that specifically asked not to be. If you would like your link removed, or even better, would like to suggest one yourself, please let me know, okay? Thanks! I will try to stay as close to my own guidelines as possible. But please remember, I just do this for fun and it's a casual enterprise. When in doubt, assume ratings to be adult.

My listing order is half-hazard and random at best, largely dictated by whatever mood I'm in on a given day vs. whatever I stumble across. Does this put a crimp in your well-planned existence? *g* Then click here to see my picks in alphabetical order.

As always, red links take you offsite.

Debbie's Fanfiction Collection
Note: Debbie hosts a number of authors for a nice variety, has an eye for quality, and updates often. The main focus is on Roswell, but she's branched out into DC and HP. And yes, it is her fault I got interested in either of them. Darn you anyway, Debbie! *g*
Some Personal Favourites:
Enlightenment, by Debbie Max/Kyle
About Last Night, by Debbie Liz/Michael/Tess/Kyle
Unexpected Gifts, by Debbie Alex/Kyle
Guilty Pleasures
Note: GP is a huge archive that holds most of the best (or very, very good) Roswell fic in just about every category you can think of. A definite must-see.
Roswell Slash Archive
Note: RSA is yet another large archive that's near and dear to my heart, and of course it's ALL SLASH! Yay! Oh, and be sure to check out the slash resources listed. I was, like, "wow", lol.
Sara's Fanfiction
Note: Sara has a feisty (that's right, 'feisty', lol) sense of humour and a great collection of fics from various authors and fandoms. Be sure to sign her guestbook.
Some Personal Favourites:
The Fun Kind of Secrets, by Sara L/T/Mi
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, by Sara L/T/Mi
Roswell Randomness
Note: This site contains some great 'character' pieces that reinforce an understated but elegant atmosphere. I'm not sure if it's still being updated, but it's still a wonderful place to visit.
Some Personal Favourites:
If I Could Stir, by Ivy English L/T
A Trick of the Light, by Whirling Girl L/T/M
Beyond Dreams
Note: And that journal I sacrificed on the UC-Liz altar worked, lol. Beyond Dreams is back! Yeah! Party on. (*cue funky music*)
Some Personal Favourites:
Pink, by Whiteotter L/T
Sometimes, by Trixie L/I
Note: This site is commonly considered to hold some of the creme de la creme of Roswell fic. I wouldn't argue. Word of advice, though - bring kleenex. Lots of it. The kind with lotion.
Some Personal Favourites:
The Lucky One, by Elizabeth, I/L
One Second Before Awakening, by Marianna M/I/T
Fanfiction ... by Pilar
Note: Pilar's responsible for a lot of what makes the Roswell fandom great, including GP, and her site is proof. Despite myself, I even started reading some DC, because it's that good. (I know, it scares me too. *g*) Love her Oz-fics, too.
Some Personal Favourites:
Bittersweet, by Pilar L/I
Sight (Un)Seen, by Pilar M/Mi
American Pie: A Home for the B-Team
Note: I've always liked Alex, although mostly in a general "gee, I wish I had a friend like Alex" kind of way. But the way Livia sees him through Kyle's eyes is breathtaking. Gives whole new meaning to end-of-S2 canon.
Some Personal Favourites:
The Gambler, by Livia A/K
Too Well, by Livia A/K
Note: I adore both Ash Jay (even if she is MIA) and Liz/Tess as a 'ship (I'm still recovering from Departure, damn it). And so it's fitting that I love this site, which holds some classic, classic L/T fic.
Some Personal Favourites:
Freedom: Revelations, by Demoira L/T, M/I
The Day Will Come, by Ash Jay L/T
Wake Up Gay!
Note: Even if you don't recognise all of the fandoms spoofed, the fics on this site are worth reading. I damn near hurt myself laughing.
Some Personal Favourites:
Michael Woke Up Gay, by Debbie Mi/V
Liz Woke Up Gay, by Sara L/T
To The Stars
Note: Trixie is one of my latest heroes, and I finally got around to introducing myself *g*. I have yet to read a story of hers that I didn't like. Plus, the way she 'ships Liz impresses and awes me.
A Personal Favourite:
Everything After, by Trixie L/I
Slightly Left of Venus
Note: Another must-see for any fans of Roswell femslash, mixing and matching all the main female characters with a delightful range of both styles and authors.
Some Personal Favourites:
Life In General, by Jade L/I
Because I'm Supposed To Hate Her, by Erin T/L
Crap Ass Fanfic
Note: I love this site as a site; it's beautifully designed and there are all these wonderful parts to explore. So it's no surprise that I like the fic I found there.
A Personal Favourite:
The Genesis Series (especially Coda), by Annie M/K
Loki's Angst Fest
Note: Loki has a great 'voice', if that makes any sense, that comes through in her writing. Me being me, of course I loved her rare foray into Liz POV, and so I'm including it here, even though it's not technically slash. Webmaster's prerogative. :p
Some Personal Favourites:
Strong, by Loki L POV
Belied With False Compare, by Loki M/I
Complete Kingdom of Slash (CKoS)
Note: The name's self-explanatory, lol! Check it out.
A Personal Favourite:
Content, by Amatia M/Mi
Extra Sugar
Note: for me, reading I/T fic is a little like biting on tinfoil. It sends a shock through you, and you can't decide if it's fun (the way pulling scabs was as a kid was fun) or painful. But there's no denying the power of some of these offerings.
Some Personal Favourites:
Flee, by Kate I POV
Stranded, by Jenn T/I
Ender's UC Roswell Fiction Site
Note: Ender's getting some nice 'ship variety going, and updates fairly often. I love finding new stuff here.
Some Personal Favourites:
Touch/Seduction, by Ender L/T
Ice Breakers, by Janelle L/I
The Peanut Gallery
Note: You know, I was a little resistant to m/m slash at first. I just didn't 'get' it. But then I actually read some, and well, I'm still not sure I 'get' it exactly but it doesn't matter anymore because I know I like reading it, and that's more than enough for me! It doesn't hurt that great sites like this one exist.
Some Personal Favourites:
Breathe Again, by Jess A. M/Mi
Who Da Man? by Merlin7 Z/R
Far From Home
Note: So I've already gotten someone who's surprised that *I* included a Maria-centred site here, so I'd like to point out that just because I can't seem to get a grasp on her voice, doesn't mean I don't or can't like Maria, or appreciate people who do! And I'm pointing this out for the m/m action anyway, LOL. Geez. *g* Besides, it's a good site.
A Personal Favourite:
Encounter in the Eraser Room, by Ianthe M/Mi/Ma
The Panty Brigade
Note: I love Kyle. (Hey, it seemed relevant. Oh, and I love him with Max, too. Aren't I magnanimous? Lol!) Do you agree? You'll enjoy this site too then.
Personal Favourite:
House of Exile, by DMartinez M/K, Mi/L
An Inner Ear Imbalance: Fanfiction by Amatia
Note: Whoo hoo! I found it again. Yay me! Anyway, check out the happy multifandomness. A glory to behold.
A Personal Favourite:
Knowledge, by Amatia I/L
Hodgepodgian Fanfiction
Note: He's ba-ack! Excellent. This is just ... I might cry. I love it when my deals with the devil pay off. Can you believe? A lovely little resurrection. Dude.
A Personal Favourite:
Heal, by Criss Moody M/Mi
Roswell's Destiny
Note: There's some really nice 'shipping variety happening here. Mostly het.
A Personal Favourite:
Two Girls, a Guy, and the City of Dreams, by Lioness L/T/K
Kingdom of Tula
Note: Okay, normally I'm a bit of a jerk about webmasters who use cute graphics, but here it's done well and the navigation's solid, so am I going to complain? Nope. Plus, there's a surprising range of stories, and I'm hoping the library'll grow.
Some Personal Favourites:
Love Child, by Aelita Mi/K
Threesomes, Voyeurism, and Bondage, Oh My! by Jennifer Mar/L,A/M,A/L,Mi/Mar
Note: I'm partial to Shadowgrl's Alex stories, and her Tess is downright intriguing. And these literally orgiastic offerings by her and Watcher Tara are things of beauty. ;D
A Personal Favourite:
Initiation, by Shadowgrl M/Mi/A
Two Down, Two to Go, by Watcher Tara (multiple pairings)
Punishing King Max M/Mi/A/K
After the Fall
Note: Northlight does great angst.*g*
A Personal Favourite:
Straight, by Northlight A/M
Sweet Uncleanness
Note: Okay, so Roswell accounts for about 0.005% of Matthew Haldimand-Time's fic. But it's so great, I found myself reading for fandoms I didn't know (or care) existed. Seriously, this is a site to see! (*snicker* Sorry, I love puns; what can I say?)
A Personal Favourite:
Roslove, M/K/Mi
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: My Fanfiction Corner
Note: This isn't really a fanfic site, so I'm going to break my own rules and link directly to her fanfic section.
A Personal Favourite:
The Ice Dance, by Mel I/T
Realm DM
Note: Okay, I'm not entirely sure what happened to the URL I had before -- perhaps it changed, and I just need to track it down -- but it ain't workin' no more. So I'm linking to DM's board, temporarily, because some is waaay better than none!
Some Personal Favourites:
Aftermath of War, by DMartinez L/Mi/Z
Roswell In Chaos, by DMartinez L/M/Mi
That Night, by DMartinez, L/Mar/M
Zan's Lair
Note: This is a site about Zan (well, duh!), and predominantly het and threesome. (Not that there's anything wrong with that ... lol, I love it all, I'm such a slut). There's something about the good girl/bad boy thing ... it only gets better when you add 'good boy' to the equation, lol!.
A Personal Favourite:
Secret of Zan, by DMartinez L/M/Z
Secret Panel Fanfiction
Note: The site is focussed more on BtVS, but they do have one Roswell het fic and this slash crossover. Plus, I like the site. Nuff said? ;D
A Personal Favourite:
The Secrets That You Keep, by Rebecca K/Riley, K/M
Human Nature
Note: There are some absolutely wonderful fics here. Mostly het, with a definite Candy leaning.
Some Personal Favourites:
Honeyed Reflections, by Persnef M/L
Possession (And Other Rules Of Law I Break), by Persnef M/I
Note: Minnie is great at both humour and angst. I was hard-pressed to pick just one of each.
Some Personal Favourites:
City of Dreams, by Minnie L/T
A Little Spice, by Minnie A/R
Stolen Smiles
Note: Beautiful site, lovely fic. I want more. *g*
Some Personal Favourites:
Fire, by Aphracia L/T
Lightning, by Aphracia M/I
Quality Cafe
Note: Kate Bolin's a fanfic legend, and these are some of the reasons why.
Some Personal Favourites:
My Baby Girl, by Kate Bolin L/M
Survivor's Guilt, by Kate Bolin I/M
ad astra per aspera
Note: It just so happens that I love the series this is part of, and I just about jumped for joy when I realised that there's enough suggestiveness in the last one that I think I can make an argument for including it here, although the slash isn't really the point, I know. But hey, webmaster's prerogative. :p
A Personal Favourite:
Max to the Max, by Marianna M/?
Fallen Strawberries
Note: Ooh! More threesomes. Yummy.
A Personal Favourite:
Rain, White Roses, Truth, by DMartinez L/Mi/M
Transylvanian Temptations
Note: Scynneth has some fabulously dark offerings. I just happened to pick one that's more 'fun' than 'dark', but her 'dark' is definitely worth checking out.
A Personal Favourite:
Hiedra, by Scynneth Ma/T, Mi/K
Judas Kiss
Note: Trixie's well-known for her B/A fic, and I adore her crossovers. How could I not love a Liz/Buffy/Angel love triangle? Just imagine my joy when she turned her attention to the slash 'ship that originally seduced me -- and created a site to house the results.
Some Personal Favourites:
In the Eye Of, by Trixie Firecracker L/I
Ask Her Why, by Trixie Firecracker L/I
Note: Tasyfa's still site-building, but I really enjoyed this fic, so I'm providing a temporary addy. Somehow she worked some serious love into the lust, and I've really started to love this threesome with a passion I never expected. What can I say? When I fall, I fall hard, lol.
A Personal Favourite:
Firsts, by Tasyfa M/Mi/L
Ademia's Lair
Note: multifandom site with limited Roswell, but well worth seeing for all the f/f!
Some Personal Favourites:
Perchance, by Pilar M/L
When Worlds Collide, by Ademia M/Faith (xover)
Note: way multifandom. Coolness. :D
A Personal Favourite:
Beyond the Touch of Tomorrow by Kristin K/M
The Wonderful World of MakeBelieve Archive
Note: Holy multifandom action, Batman! (er, Batman people don't sue me either, 'kay? Lol ...) Now, navigation might seem a tad confusing, and the adult pop-ups slightly shocking, but don't let that dissuade you. There's some great stuff here; just hit 'Enter' and then scroll down -- and shared my impressedness on the way -- to Roswell. Whoa, eh?
A Personal Favourite:
Before It Rains, by Pilar M/Mi
Table at the Crashdown
Note: while I personally prefer more text than graphics, there's no denying this is a cute site. Easy to get around, no in-your-face ads, and a nicely growing selection. Well worth checking out.
Some Personal Favourites:
Full Circle, by Tasyfa M/L/Mi
One More Time, by DMartinez M/L, M/T, L/T
Boardello of Fanfiction
Note: don't let the name throw you; this is a board-based fanfic community with a lot of class and genuine goodwill. A joy to hang around, and a slowly-but-surely growing slash section.
Rosdeidre's Fanfic
Note: Deidre's got a beautifully-Schurry-designed site here, and it's a young but growing archive, message board and writer's resource area all in one. Mostly het, but slash-friendly.
A Personal Favourite:
Boys of Summer, by Rosdeidre M/Mi
X(ander) Files
Note: some nice multifandom action. Only two Roswell, but there's one in particular that is insightful in this peculiar way, but darned if I know exactly what it is.
A Personal Favourite:
Lots of Girls, by Brendan M/K
Roswell Desert Skies
Note: I know I go on and on about distracting from the fic with graphics and frames and such, but for some reason, I think it's done pretty well here. It doesn't interfere with the navigation, at any rate, and loading time isn't compromised noticeably (on my computer). The site is predominantly het, but the slash section is rounding out nicely.
Some Personal Favourites:
The Answer Book, by Michelle K Mar/L
Flame, by Trixie L/I
The Quest, by Minnie K/M
Note: A wonderfully pretty site with some wonderfully gritty and floaty-angsty femslash ... sigh. Lovely. Just lovely.
A Personal Favourite:
Utopia, by Firecracker I/L


As always, this site is under construction. Thanks for visiting Bennie's Fanfiction!

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