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Hi! So, the titles below are organised alphabetically, by title. Fics with banners are identified by a handy-dandy little "*"

Please take note of the character pairings. Some are slash and/or NC17; don't read them if you are uncomfortable with blatantly sexual situations or underage. Thanks!

56 Days Leanna POV, Alex/Leanna, Rated PG
Who is Leanna, and what did Alex mean to her?

*A Call to Arms 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Liz POV, CC Rated PG13
Years from now, Liz is a soldier in the Alliance and the consort of an Antarian king, facing her own personal war.

Affirmation ?/? Rated PG
Lovers meet for the last time.

Afterworld Shifting POV Rated PG
Tag to Panacea ... more or less.

*And So I Fell Liz POV, Liz/Rath, Liz/Sean Rated NC17
Liz needs to fill the void.

*Before I Sleep Liz POV Rated PG
Alex is dead and everyone has moved on ... except Liz.

Behind Blue Eyes Liz, Tess and Kyle Songfic Rated PG
Three people find comfort in unexpected places.

By Light of Day Tess POV, Rated PG
Sometimes the line between reality and fantasy gets blurry.

Call Me Mikey G Michael POV, CC and Mi/L Rated NC17
Two married people have an affair. It's not pretty, but it's interesting.

Circles of Family Other POV, CC and UC Rated PG15
Liz Parker left Roswell a long time ago, and there's only one person who can bring her back.

Conspiracy Liz POV, CC Rated PG 13
Liz was never shot. And if anyone around her has secrets, she doesn't know about them ... yet.

*Crimson and Clover Tess POV, Tess/Liz Songfic Rated PG
Post-VLV, Tess thinks about Liz.

*Crossroads Liz POV, CC and UC Rated PG
There comes a time when you have to leave it all behind.

Dark Epiphany Series
Isabel/Liz, Rated PG

Malignant Isabel POV
The original vignette; Isabel figures something out.

Cure Isabel POV
Malignant reconsidered; what if Departure never happened?

Rot Liz POV
Companion to Cure.

Eureka! Liz/Michael, Maria/Isabel, Kyle/Max, etc. Rated PG13
Liz solves a mystery, Maria and Isabel come to an understanding, and Kyle loses a bet.

Eve of Destruction Liz POV, M/L Songfic Rated PG
Liz thinks back over her relationship with Max, and reaches some hard conclusions.

Exposure Rated PG-13
Sixth Sense/Roswell Crossover. Liz is dead, but she's not gone. Will her death be avenged?

Fall With Me Liz POV, Liz/Michael Rated PG-13
Liz is having nightmares. Companion to Watch Her Fall.

The Five Day Journey to You Zan POV, Liz/Zan Rated NC17
Liz meets a Dupe ... the fun way.

*For All All Rated PG-13
Liz knew that protecting the Podsters would require some sacrifice, but she didn't know how much.

Friends and Lovers Series
Isabel/Liz, Max/Alex, Rated NC17

Isabel POV, Liz/Isabel
Isabel gets a visitor.

Liz POV, Isabel/Liz
Turnabout is fair play.

Max POV, Max/Alex, Isabel/Liz
Max learns something about seduction.

Alex POV, Alex/Max
Alex makes a stand.

*Girls of Summer Liz/Whittaker Rated PG13
Before Congresswoman Whitaker moved to Roswell, there was Vanessa.

Heaven Can Wait CC Songfic Rated PG
Post-Destiny, three podsters think about what they've lost. Companion to Please Don't Make Me Cry.

Hold On Max POV Songfic Rated PG
Mid S2, Max thinks about Liz and love.

I'm No Buffy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Epilogue
CC Rated PG
Liz tells a story about making new friends, learning purpose, and trusting instincts.

Jack's Dance PG-13
Pitch Black. Post-PB, Jack finds inspiration in unexpected places.

Jack's Audience PG-13
Pitch Black. Companion to Jack's Dance, Riddick tries to understand a different side of Jack.

Just Another Day (In My Very Strange Life) Liz POV, PG13
CC Roswell/BtVS crossover fluff; why is Liz really changing?

Know Your Enemy Michael POV Rated PG
Liz thinks Alex was murdered. What does Michael think?

Live To Tell Liz, Tess alternating POVs, Songfic Rated PG
Post-EotW, Liz despairs and Tess watches.

*Love Me Liz POV, Liz/Isabel Rated NC17
Isabel asks a question.

The Madonna Pedestal Maria POV, Maria/Liz, Liz/Eddie Rated PG13
Maria thinks about Liz.

Mind Game Liz/Nicholas, Liz/Max Rated PG
Has Nicholas met his match?

Nineteen Years Maria POV, UC Futurefic Rated PG
Maria talks with her godson.

Open Series
Liz/Tess, rated PG

Eyes Open
Tess needs a friend.

Mind Open
Tess and Liz grow closer.

Penumbra Michael POV, Michael/Liz Rated R
Michael and Liz reach a new stage in their relationship.

Perspective Michael POV, Michael/Liz Rated PG
Michael and Liz discuss art.

Play It Cool Kyle POV, Kyle/Liz, Liz/Sean Rated PG
Kyle has better things to do on prom night than dance with aliens.

Please Don't Make Me Cry CC Songfic Rated PG
Post-Destiny, three humans are on their own. Companion to Heaven Can Wait.

Prisoner of Destiny Liz POV, Futurefic Rated PG
14 years in the future, Liz encounters an old enemy on an alien space station.

Rage Liz POV, Everyone Rated PG
Liz finds power in emotion.

Rearranging the Pieces General UC Fluff Rated PG
Sometimes life needs a little shaking up.

Requiem for Innocence Liz/Isabel, Alternating POVs Rated PG13
Post-Departure, Liz and Isabel need each other.

'Shipping Series
Liz/Michael/Tess, Rated NC17

'Ships in the Night
Liz, Michael, Tess ... in the dark.

*The Day My 'Ship Came In
The unlikely trio get creative.

Still Life Michael POV, Michael/Liz, Michael/Isabel Rated PG
Michael remembers Liz.

Stranger Liz POV, Michael/Liz Vignette Rated PG
Someone walks into the CrashDown.

Survivor Liz POV Vignette Rated PG
Is Liz a survivor?

That Day Liz POV, Rated PG
Liz's nightmare has become her reality.

*The Thought Persists Michael POV, Michael/Liz Rated NC17
The Podsters are back. Will Michael be alone?

This Hopeless Desire Rated R
Roswell/BtVS/K:tE crossover. Post-Departure, Liz leaves Roswell to find her own destiny. And it changes everything.

To Die A Virgin General UC slash foof, Rated PG
Liz is frustrated.

Transference Series
Liz/Isabel/Michael, PG13

In a dark, dusty schoolroom, three become one.

Liz analyses her relationship with Isabel and Michael.

Isabel POV
Isabel thinks about Liz and Michael.


*Variations In More Michael POV, Michael/Liz Rated NC17
All his life, Michael has wanted more.

Watch Her Fall Michael POV, Michael/Liz Rated PG
Michael's having nightmares.

*When Destiny Falters Liz POV (mostly), everyone Rated PG
Sometimes one decision really can make all the difference.

Whiteout L/I, Isabel POV, Rated PG
Liz and Isabel. Boston, some years in the future. And it's snowing.

*Wild Boys CC,UC Songfic Rated PG
Two warriors return home.

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