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So I did it. I coded Conspiracy, a little Liz POV AU not-quite-rompish romp that had been sitting around in my hard drive, languishing neglected.


Awards update. This Hopeless Desire won for Best CC Crossover over at Substantial Myth. I tell you, you only think I'm calm. But who knew people would actually like my little Frankenstein Fic? (Sigh. No, it's not about Frankenstein. I'm using the term as an adjective. Hey, why are you getting on my case, huh? ;D) Lol ... regardless, thanks, everyone who's voted for me in these awards things. You guys rock.


Update to my Metafic page. Cool.


First of all, I'd like to say 'Happy Birthday' to my brother and sister, who will never know of this site -- let alone read this -- but I have faith that somehow, they'll know that someone is thinking of them.

I mean, fondly. Heh.

Ooh! But you, dear reader, might be more interested in my latest news. (Or at least, willing to pretend, lol.) The bribes have paid off, and yours truly has won a few more lovely little awards. Lol ... give it up for Fall Roswellian Fanfiction Awards, where A Call to Arms won for Best Science Fiction Story and Best Future Fanfiction, Circles of Family won for Best AU Fanfiction, and This Hopeless Desire won for Best Cross-Over Fanfiction.

Meanwhile, over at the Venus Rising Fan Fiction Awards, This Hopeless Desire won Best Crossover Fiction and The Five Day Journey to You won Best Dupe Fiction.

Holy Moley! Numfar, do the dance of joy!

Thanks, everyone who voted, for me and for other writers. Not winning contests is not the end of the world (and in fact, I do happen to think it is an honour just to be nominated ... ah Kyle, how I miss thee); nonetheless, winning is awfully nice validation too.

Lol ... and to my American friends and family, I hope you're having a great Thanksgiving Weekend.


Hey, y'all! So, in the Crossovers section, I've added This Hopeless Desire:Sunnydale to the THD series. And (*yawn*) yes, I really am planning on putting up The Five Day Journey to You some time soon, honest.

Hey, maybe it'd go a little smoother if I didn't feel guilty about not having the sequel ready, lol ...


So, the unthinkable has happened. Finally bowing under tremendous pressure from that little angel/devil pair hanging about my shoulders (and geez, but when they join forces, look out), I have grudgingly laid out some hard-earned money to lose the banners here on the site.

(*looks around*)

Nice, huh? Oh, and if you still see them, it's probably just the cookie thing. I think. Not that I was paying attention, or anything half so sensible as that, but I believe that either SHIFT-refresh or CTRL-refresh or CTRL-F5 loses the cookies, depending on the browser you use. Of course, if there's a cookie on your computer that you're particularly attached to, you might not want to try. And then you should stand over there -- no, a little farther, sure, that's good -- because you worry me.

Hee. Kidding. See you around!


It's true, reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. *g*

Seriously, though, I've been insanely busy with my RL alter-ego, and I want to apologize. On the other hand, I've finally gotten around to putting up A Call to Arms, a Liz POV future fic (PG13 for violence and a little non-graphic sexual activity), and whew! Remind me to stick with the short 'n easily maneuverable ones for a while, eh? These epic space operas are gonna be the proverbial death of me.

Hey, and even if you don't read the dang thing, lol, be sure to check out the magnificent art by schurry, or go check out her site. She's amazing.




Just letting you know, I've gone around and fixed a number of broken links and cleaned up some others. It is now safe to go in the water. (Cue Jaws theme, right? Lol ...) Seriously, though, I've added some links to Metafic, my Slash Page, my Links page, and so on. Hope it's a little less frustrating. Thanks!


Hey, check it out. I won something! More specifically, the "Best Crossover Fic" at the Venus Rising Fan Fiction Awards, for Just Another Day (In My Very Strange Life). Isn't that sweet? Be sure to check out the cool banner.


I've updated several parts of Legacy of Honour, and I'm working on coding The Five Day Journey to You. Coding on A Call to Arms will commence shortly. Oh, and some day soon I'm going to take a quick look around this place and update links, correct bad coding, that sort of thing. Promise! ;D


So ... I've been interested in a lot of aspects of online fandom for a long time. On the off chance anyone else is too, I've created a page to keep track of internet links that I consider relevant in some way to online (fic) publishing. It's called MetaFic, literally, "About Fic", and I hope to add to it over time. If you have any links you think would be useful to add, be sure to let me know, will you?



Updates for Legacy of Honour, an NC17 section (for disturbing content) that might be upsetting to some, so if issues surrounding child abuse and abortion are difficult for you, you might want to skip A Child's Farewell and head right for New Directions, which is PG.


Update for Legacy of Honour, a little PG transitional section I call Interim.


I've played with the prologue to Legacy of Honour a bit and added the first part of the fic, Brian's Legacy, Darry's angsty introduction to Dom's world. Rated R for adult themes, some disturbing.


Hey! So, I'm not really happy with the prologue, but I'm going to start that Fast and the Furious fic I was talking about, Legacy of Honour, because the FatF world is that much fun. Now, if you're familiar with Vin Diesel movies, you might suspect that something of my fascination for the Jack/Riddick relationship has influenced my inspiration for the OFC in this fic, and you'd be right. There are several key differences, but I won't deny it helped shape my mental image of Darry.

Okay, okay, enough, lol. Here's the first installment, a one-time Brian POV that sets up the story: Brian's Goodbye (PG). I should be posting more soon.

Thanks for stopping in!


Just a short update tonight, because I'm not on my own computer.

First, a not-exactly-nice look into a Michael/Liz affair, Call Me Mikey G, a futurefic, NC17 for some language and sexual description, although it's not precisely what I'd call smut. (Well, I wouldn't, lol.)

Second, a PG (for adult themes, if nothing explicit) piece called Circles of Family, in which a second generation podster finds out some of the truths behind his heritage. The summary reads: "Liz Parker left Roswell a long time ago, and there's only one person who can bring her back." Yadda yadda yadda. I'm not entirely sure how some parts of it ended up the way they are, but overall I think it works. You'll have to let me know, lol.

Oookay, guess that's it. Tootles.


So, I'm doing something unprecedented. I'm adding non-Roswell fic to this site!

See, I've actually been going multi-fandom for some time now, but I was holding off posting because I'm planning on redesigning my site come summer. But ... I'm impatient. I wanted to see what they'd look like. So tonight I'm starting by adding a couple short-ish Pitch Black ones, starting with Indebted, a post-PB fic where Jack learns some hard lessons and Riddick makes a decision, rated R for language and sexual violence -- er, but not between Riddick and Jack. This isn't one of those fics. Survivor Spirit (PG13, R/J) is a slightly different take on Riddick/Jack post-PB, written with a different style and outcome.

In my new Crossovers section, I'm relocating Just Another Day (In My Very Strange Life) (Roswell/Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and adding a Roswell/BtVS/Kindred: The Embraced crossover trilogy, of which parts one and two are written and a conclusion planned but not yet penned, called This Hopeless Desire. It's Liz-centric and CC when in-show too, but definitely edgier than JAD. PG-15 for some sexual content and violence.

In case you're wondering, the other ones I almost have ready to update include a long one that picks up where The Fast and the Furious leaves off (written from an OFC-of-perhaps-unexpected-origins POV), and of course I haven't completely abandoned Roswell. Some time in the upcoming weeks I hope to finish, edit and post my most epic fic yet, a futurefic starring soldier!Liz called A Call to Arms. If you're at all curious to see what I have so far, check out my progress at The Boardello of Fanfiction Message Board, under A Call to Arms on the Roswell/General CC board.



Hey! How y'all doing? Good, good ... yeah, so, I have an update. Slightly more serious one, a PG "tag plus" situated after Panacea, called Afterworld. Shifting POVs cover Isabel, Michael, Jesse, Jim, Kyle, Maria, and Liz.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit the gift shop on your way out.


There's nothing like being consistent. Even if it's just taking forever to post new stuff. Heh. Well, here it is. Something new. No biggie. *g* Check it out: Whiteout, PG, Isabel/Liz, Isabel POV, complete fluff.


lol ...


Yeah, yeah, I know. No updates in a while. Sorry! But I'm really busy, seriously I am. If it helps, I can say I'm working on a few stories, the shortest of which is my first foray into Roswell/BtVS Crossover territory, Just Another Day (In My Very Strange Life), PG13, uber-CC for both shows and Liz-centric. A nice, fluffy, puppies-and-hugs story for my friend ZoŽ. Merry Christmas, kiddo!

Catch the rest of you later.


My name is Bennie. You might remember me from such updates as "So I learned how to post pictures" or "So, I have school work but I'd rather write fic."

(*dazzling grin*)

Anyway, you'll have to excuse me. I really have been swamped, and while I am still writing, it's coming along very slowly. (Something about the paranoia of writing while on the subway; is it just me, or are people really nosy? I swear they keep peering over my shoulder ... hmm.) But I've been getting regular requests for a companion to Watch Her Fall, for some reason, and I finally wrote one. Called Fall With Me, it's Liz's POV and as per instructions, it addresses a little more of how Liz and Michael got together before the big finale.

Do let me know what you think, will you? Thanks muchly, and have a good day.


Nope, no fic updates. Sigh. Stupid RL, not leaving me my "Me" time. Gah.

Anyway, in response to one or two, er, 'politely worded' comments I've gotten, I'd like to take the opportunity to announce that yes, I still do update my Slash Rec's Page every now and then. Like now.

And while I'm here, Nicola -- you may remember her from such fabulous art as the banners for Love Me and Variations in More and Conduit -- has a new home for her new and improved Reject Reality. Check it out, and join me at the altar to worship!


Okay, so I, uh (*mumbles*) kinda ... made my first banner. For Wild Boys, actually. Heh. Well, let me know. You know, what you think. Heh.


So I've been playing around with buttons. Making them, I mean. And I've made way too many of them, but it's so fun ... anyway, I've put some of them on a new Links Page where I plan on adding buttons/links to other sites that I like as well. Unless I scrap it and add them to my main page. I haven't really decided yet. Hmm. Well, if you have an opinion, I'd love to hear it.

Later! Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Canada.


Well, no fic updates, but if you haven't already noticed, I did try sprucing up the place a little ... be sure to tell me what you think, lol!

Oh, and I was updating the Slash Rec's Page, and I noticed that some of the links have been changed, and others lost. I changed the ones that I caught, and I'm leaving the recs up (temporarily) for the lost sites, in hopes that they'll be back up soon. Here's hoping!


Whoo-hoo! I have prevailed! I'm making updates, and on my own computer yet. This is a grand day, I tell you. :D

Anyway, while I'm here, I'd like to point out a new one, a rare foray into Maria-land but (surprisingly enough) also a piece about Liz. Go figure; me write a fic about Liz? Who woulda thunk it? Lol ... Okay, so it's called The Madonna Pedestal, it's rated PG13 but only because I don't think it's graphic enough for NC17, and it involves a whole lotta post-Departure Liz-'shipping as told through Maria's eyes. Fun, fun fun!

So tell me what you think, yo!


Quick update, because I'm infringing on someone else's comp time to post this, eek. It's my own fault. I think I let down my own wonderful, personal saviour (you know, my comp) and screwed up a configuration thingy somewhere. *sob* ...

Whoa! Focussing. Okay, first of all, a great banner by the immensely patient, hard-working and talented Akathesia for And So I Fell. Check it out. Isn't she great?

In fact, while I'm here, I'd like to recommend her site, Polar Attraction, which is under construction but I've had a glimpse of her past work and I'm looking forward to seeing more! And (I'm slapping myself for not saying anything before, I'm such a dweeb, honestly) of course I have to recommend Nicola's to-die-for site Reject Reality. You've seen the great art she's made for me? It's only the tip of the iceberg, baby! The tip, I tell you!

Oh, I almost forgot. On the fic front, I have Prisoner of Destiny, Liz POV, Liz and Tess, non-'shippy futurefic, rated PG. Let me know what you think. Be warned though, I don't guarantee a happy ending.

Just sayin'.

Heh ...


Hey. So ... sick and twisted. That's me. Yup, after Crossroads, I got a few intriguing comments about, er, shall we say, "character death". And this was born. Dark spawn, indeed. If you have any squicks about death wish type behaviour, maybe this isn't for you. If you have a dark sense of humour, maybe you'll enjoy it.


Anyway, here we go: That Day, Liz POV, Rated PG because it isn't graphic enough to merit NC17, I don't think. There's no sex, anyway.



Mini-update: I've been asked to consider updating "updates" every time I update my Slash Rec's Page. Well, I did tonight, so I'm thinking about it, and nah. I see no point in telling you or anyone else anything of the sort. Find out on your own. Show a little initiative, ya lazy bum.

Lol -- I'm so twisted. I love me.



Wow, but this has -- if you'll excuse the phrase -- been a banner couple of days for Bennie! First, some serious Reese largesse and now a heart-stopping topper for Love Me by none other than Nicola. I swear by all that is Roswellian (and really, what else is there?), I could die tonight a happy person. And that's not just because I wouldn't have to do all this darned schoolwork. No, I'd go with a smile on my lips and a slideshow in my mind.

Sweet dreams, folks.

It's a good day.



So ... I had this old WIP. I didn't think it sucked, exactly, but I was getting some weird signals from people who responded to it. And I'm talking unsolicited responses. People saying it was unrealistic (to which I say: are we watching the same show?) or too depressing (which, actually, I think was the point). But very few people could put their finger on exactly what it was about it that they found so disturbing, and those that did almost uniformly said that it wasn't any one thing. So I got confused and relegated it to the WIP page where I put fics that I think start out well but never really go anywhere.

The point of this boring and not too flattering story from my sordid past? (lol ...)

One fateful day, I'm talking to Reese. And she got it. She got the fic. Not only that, she had an idea for accompanying artwork. Blew me away. I know, I've said that before. But you've never seen my chair. It doesn't take much to knock me off it.

Anyway, here it is: perhaps my bitterest story, Crossroads (Liz POV, PG, CC and UC pairings). And while it isn't my best fic, perhaps more than any other one I have here this one marks an interesting point in my little career as a ficwriter, lol. So if you like or dislike it, I'd love to know. More importantly, I'd love to know why.

And even if you don't like the story -- you have to see the banner. It's a thing of beauty, I tell you.

Okay, well, it's all up to you, now. Choose wisely.



Hey, fic alert! So I was writing a paper for school. Pshaw -- when the polar muse calls, you come running. It's a law of nature or something.

So, you a fan of Michael/Liz? Check it out: Watch Her Fall Michael POV, Rated PG. Lemme know what you think.



Two things. First, a little piece of post-Departure angst I had hanging around in my files that I never got around to posting: Requiem for Innocence Liz/Isabel, Alternating POVs Rated PG13. Angsty, but ... carthartic. For me anyway. :D

And now I'm apologising in advance. See, I'm about to rant. That's right, rant.

Here's the thing: I'm determined to remain unspoiled. I am. And I'm not an idiot about it either. I don't visit threads at forums where I know I'm going to trip over something. And I keep a sharp eye out for anything with the word "spoiler" in the title. (And may I take a moment to thank those who are considerate enough to provide such warnings? I adore you. Many blessings upon your house.)

So imagine my shock -- hell, my freaking irritation -- when I go to read a story that not only does not have the 'spoiler' warning in the subject line, but also proceeds to tell in the header! just which spoiler is going to appear.

(*And an unholy shriek fills the air*)

Okay, I'm done. But fair warning -- all who are so cavalier about this sort of thing? It's bad karma, my friend. BAD karma. And it's gonna come back and bite you in the ass.

And on that cheery note, have a good day, everyone!


Whoa, new fic. No one faint from the unexpectedness of it all.

Actually, it is a little unexpected. Not the writing of a fic; it had to happen sooner or later, lol. But this particular one is something of a departure from my usual stuff. Oh, it features Liz. And the style's pretty "me", if that makes any sense. But it's an unusual pairing.

And so I present Girls of Summer, an idea for a Liz/Whittaker backstory that I had after reading some comments by the excellent people who frequent the UC Liz thread at FF. I'm rating it PG because it's more suggestive than graphic, but fair warning -- slashiness ahead. Intrigued? Let me know what you think.



Sorry, sorry, no new fic, please forgive me. Or better yet, congratulate me!

Check it out -- And So I Fell won the Roswell Undercover Award for Ultimate Dupe Fic, and For All won for Ultimate Angst Fic!

*giggle* For someone who produces such, er, drama, I have to admit to feeling a tad giddy at the moment. Screw champagne. This calls for ice cream floats!

Thanks for everyone who voted, whether it was for me or for one of the other authors -- there are so many good fics out there! And so I take this moment to say ... write more! More, please? Lots more? Pretty please?



Hola! Okay, no new fic (I'm gathering more material for that anti-audience Mary Sue fic, you see *g*), but I simply had to make a point of showing off my newest banner! It's by Nicola, and she made it for my Transference Series, and it's Michael/Liz/Isabel eye candy! You better believe it -- whoo hoo!

Isn't life nice? *vbg*


Whoa! To quote a song I was just listening to: "it's been a while." *g*

So it's about time that I post something new, I guess. And it just so happens that I have a nice little Liz/Isabel romp through the proverbial hay handy, if that kind of thing floats your boat. (Hey, it floats mine, lol!) It's called Love Me, it's NC17, and it's one of my 'fun' ones. No angst, I promise. Let me know what you think.

Well, later!


Okay, so I've been a bad ficwriter. (Well, that's not true; I am writing, it's just not ready to post. And we all know what happens when you rush the posting, right? *pointed look*)

But I'm being a good webmaster! Seriously -- here it is: my very own Slash Page, chock full of my own work (naturally) but perhaps more to the point, a list of offsite recommendations that will hopefully grow as more and more of you succumb to your fate and just accept that your sole purpose in life is to entertain me with fic. Good fic. And, you know, make a fair portion of it slash. But don't neglect anyone else ... tell you what; how about you (whoever you are) just provide me with a whole bunch of fic, and I'll let you know what pairings need a little more attention. How's that?

So ... c'mon, check it out already, you know you want to ...

Back yet? What'd you think?


Pic update: Check it out! Rei went and made this fabulous pic inspired by When Destiny Falters, so of course I asked to post it here, and -- here it is! Isn't it great?


And the fun continues! Well, maybe not "fun", exactly, because I'm still exploring the darker side of Vignette Land. For instance, I've decided to shelve Malignant, Cure and Rot all together as the Dark Epiphany Series. Seemed fitting at the time, lol.

And on a slightly more random note, I have a PG Liz vignette, more reflective than anything and sort of/not quite dark, depending on how you read it: Survivor.


I think I'm going through a phase. Like a child with a prism, I am dazzled by the pretty colours, and care little about the inherent lack of substance. Does this resonate with you in any way?

If so, perhaps you can see the appeal of the three fics I'm posting today. The first is a very short stand-alone, something that just seemed to lend itself to visualisation: Stranger. Who is it? It's not hard to figure out. More importantly, I'm not sure it matters. Remember the prism? It's seeing the colours that matters, not what colours you see.

The second is also fairly short, although it's part of a larger picture that I am only just starting to comprehend. And thus I announce Rot, a Liz POV companion to Cure and Malignant.

The last one is longer, but just as plotless. Oh, there's a motif, but no plot. And I like it that way, lol. I bring you: Rearranging the Pieces, yet another UC fluff piece where I have fun playing with imagery as point of continuity. So there, lol! Warning: UC-ness and slashiness abounds.

And so I bid thee adieu.


Foof alert: okay, so we all know what writer's block is, right? Well, there are exercises you can do to get over it sometimes. So I tried one a while back, and I got a little positive reinforcement -- plus, I was like totally suffering from update withdrawal -- so I thought I'd post it.

And so I bring you To Die A Virgin, a little general UC slash foof, Rated PG, and containing absolutely nothing remotely resembling a plot in any way, shape or form. But it's short, so why not take a look?

(Lol -- think a career in inspirational poetry is in the offing?)



Nope, no fic alert, wonderful art alert! That's right; I finally got around to adding two wonderful banners made for me by an all-around wonderful person, to The Thought Persists and When Destiny Falters. Check 'em out! And as ever, 'ooh' and 'ahh' by clicking on ye olde creditt line provided, and let Debbie know how wonderful she is.

Or, you know, gush at me, and I'll pass it along, lol.

Editing to add: so I was procrastinating. It happens. So did this; check it out, and let me know what you think. I give you: Cure, angsty PG Isabel/Liz, Isabel POV. Companion to Malignant. What can I say? I'm in a mood. Actually, I think that says it quite well. I'm going to say it again.

I'm in a mood. Are you?


New fic alert: that's right! After an eternity of polling people to figure out the timeline involved, I have finally finished my version of what really happened while Alex was away at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces -- a.k.a. "Little Sweden". So, uh, any problems with details, timelines, etc.? Blame all my sources. I'll name them later in PDF format. (Lol -- just kidding! Any mistakes are directly related to my own undeniably casual research technique.)

So, check out 56 Days, and let me know when to have my speech ready, and whether I can get a middle initial engraved on the trophy.



Congratulate me! I finally -- finally -- figured out how to post pics. I'm not even going to tell you what stupid thing I was doing wrong, because seriously, I do not use the word stupid lightly. Ahem.

Anyway, check out Crimson and Clover, The Day My 'Ship Came In, and Variations In More, and goggle in awe at the beautiful artwork. Nay, 'tis not mine, and if you note the little credit line underneath each banner, there's a link where you can send praise to the artists. (Uh, hint, hint, lol.)

I don't care if it is grey and yucky out. This is a good day. Enjoy yours!


No, no fic update. Try me later in the week -- I'm averaging a presentation a week these days, and I'm probably going to need an outlet for all that angst. (And, if any storylines somehow incorporate vile and terrible things you can do to an audience? It's not Mary Sue-ing. Really, it's not. It's just ... happenstance. ;D)

My reason for updating? The power rush. Oh, but I have an ulterior motive: I'd like to thank and personally reassure every one of the 11 -- count 'em, 11 -- people who wrote me to let me know all about the many, many mistakes I never got around to correcting (or, you know, noticing) in Play It Cool. Damn, but you all ... I swear, you all *sniff* are the ... *hic* ... the best! All of you! *bawling from the sheer beauty of the moment*

Thanks again, and yes; you have indeed reawakened in me the awareness that a good beta-reader is never to be taken lightly. I won't do it again, okay?

Edited to say: make that 12. Sigh. Some days I don't know if I'm comin' or goin'. And we all know which is more fun, right?


Okay, first of all, can I just say how (pick the surfer lingo of your childhood as appropriate) it is that people have actually come in here and look around? How do I know this, you may well ask, before turning around in a fit of paranoia, searching for cameras and bugs behind you?

Well, because I have gotten some title suggestions for the Kyle POV. And, mostly because the writer was so darn entertaining (we like the same kinds of poetry, what can I say?) I'm going to go with "Play It Cool". So, without further ado, I'm gleefully upgrading Play It Cool to official fic status. Yay!


Fic Update: Added a "Missing Scene from HoM", Kyle POV, to WIPs. Would love to classify it as a fic already, except am having a bitch of a time figuring out a title for it. Any thoughts?


Fic update: Gave Nineteen Years fic status, because it's not one of my better efforts and I want to try something else now, lol. Still having trouble with getting the buttons on the Awards page, too. Anyone else having a good day?


Fic update: Added Nineteen Years to the WIP section, and an Awards page.


Yippie! I created an Updates page! Good for me! Party on down ... oh yeah.

Okay, seriously? What I've done -- and I'm breaking out in sweats just thinking about it -- is to change the colour scheme of my whole site, on the advice of a very good friend. (So, uh, you don't like it? Blame Zoë. I will present her in the public square for a proper pelting of fruit and other soft but sticky items. On the other hand, if you have any constructive suggestions, let me know at bennie_robbins@hotmail.com. Thanks!)

On my own initiative, I played with the layout of my main page and my indexing system. Actually, I'm kind of proud of how that turned out. I don't have much to work with here, folks. Gimme some slack! Lol, seriously, though, check out the bottoms of fics like I'm No Buffy or Possession/Repossession, or for that matter my Character Index, and tell me that isn't kinda cool!

On the fic front, I've been told by a few people that I really need to make a note when I update fics. So, I'm going to do that here from now on, okay? Okay. So, without further ado, I'd like to announce that a couple WIPs finally made it into circulation: Know Your Enemy (Michael POV, tag to CYN, PG) and Malignant (Isabel POV vignette, angsty, PG).

Oh! Final thought: it's has also been suggested that I include short descriptions when I index the fics. I'm thinking about it, so keep an eye out for further site updates in the next few days, and let me know what you think, okay? Great.