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Welcome to Reese’s Fanfiction!

Here you will find an alphabetical listing (by title) of all of my completed Roswell fics. There’s a short summary underneath each title to give you an idea what you’re getting in to. Yes, I know they’re not very detailed but I hate to give away the entire fic in just one or two lines.

So come on…just give ‘em a try…you know you want to…

And, as always, feedback is greatly appreciated.



Completed Fics

Who will be the one to stand by Liz until the very end?

Not My Name
A husband reflects on his wife’s past…and how it affects their present.

Not the Only One
Max shows up at Kyle’s wanting answers, but gets more than he bargained for.

Liz considers the many men in her life.

End of Departure Tess POV

Max ponders the consequences of being king.

Since You've Been Gone
Kyle updates Alex on what’s been going on in Roswell.

Thirteen Years Ago
A Challenge Fic: What happens if the Royal Four left during Departure? What will they find upon their return?

Until Next Time
Two friends must finally say goodbye.

Wave Goodbye
Liz must say goodbye to a love that no one knows even existed.

Why Am I Here?
Michael visits Liz following the events of ‘Departure’




And for those of you who like to torture yourselves with reading incomplete fics, here’s a list of links to any of my WIP’s out there:


Never Really Knew

Started back in March 2002, it’s a Loyalist fic (so far) with major attention given to Michael and Larek as well. I’ve just recently started to pick it back up again (months later) so maybe this one will one day make it to the completed fics section of this site. Maybe.


Born to Dance

This one goes all the way back to January 2002, so long ago that I’d actually forgotten about it. It started out as a one part Alex/Tess fic that somehow quickly moved into a second part that became more of an Tess/Alex/Liz fic. Don’t know what will happen with this one…any suggestions are welcome.



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