Questions ...

Author: Reese
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: They're not mine...blah blah blah...wish they were...blah blah blah.
Category/Summary: Post-Destiny/Early S2 Max POV
Author's Note: Once upon a time I was a Dreamer...



What am I going to do without her?

I mean, why do I have to leave her but they get to stay?

It just doesn’t seem fair. And don’t tell me life isn’t fair. I get that already. Trust me, I do.

You see, when I was told that I had to go back but the others got to stay, I didn’t argue. It wasn’t my place. Although I’m a leader, I still do what I’m told.

But now I have to question it.

Question why I have to go but they get to stay.

Why does Michael get to be with Maria when I’m not sure he even loves her?

Why does Isabel get to pursue whatever it is she feels for Alex?

Why does Tess get to forget about her destiny and explore a relationship with Kyle?

Why do they get to do all of this when I have to surrender the one thing I know I love…the one thing I can’t live without?

Why do I have to go home and leave Liz behind?

First, they told me that my destiny was Tess. Now they tell me it’s to go home and restore peace and order…alone.

The others are to stay behind so that a connection remains between our world and this one. They are not needed back home, not like I am.

Is this what being a leader is all about? Always doing what you’re told? For some reason, I didn’t think it would be like this.

I didn’t think it would cost me this much.

The worst part of it is, I could tell the others I want them to come with me…order them to, as a matter of fact. But why would I want to subject them to what I’m going through? Would it really help ease my pain?

I thought about running. Running away from my destiny and my responsibilities and taking Liz as far from here as possible.

But they knew I was thinking that. They told me I could never run…not from this.

I thought about taking her with me…demanding that she be allowed to come. But they knew I was thinking this, too and explained that it would never work. She could not survive on our planet. She was, after all, only human.

What I wouldn’t give to be only human right now.

Why can’t I be just a normal guy knocking on his girlfriend’s door?

Why must I be an alien leader from another planet who is knocking on his human girlfriend’s door to tell her he has to leave and will never see her again?

Why must I sit here and try to explain to the only person I have ever loved with every ounce of my being, alien or human, that I must go…and she cannot come with me?

Why must I be this guy?

Why must I go home…alone?

And why does she have to look so beautiful when she answers the door?

How am I supposed to look at her, standing there all beautiful and half-asleep, and tell her that this is goodbye?

How in the hell am I supposed to do this?

The End

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